Engineering a Career He Loves


When Kevin started college at the University of New Mexico, he discovered he wasn’t ready and ended up leaving after two years. Once he returned to school, he earned a diploma in Digital Electronics Technology at Central New Mexico College and began working in the field of instrumentation and controls.

A move to Colorado in 1987 brought Kevin to Goldco Industries, where he continued his career in control systems engineering. In 1989, he became a project manager for ESC engineering in Fort Collins. Before long, Kevin was ready to return to school for a bachelor’s degree, but he decided to reacclimate to college at FRCC. There, he took as many general education classes as possible, including a few he considers transformative in his college educational experience. While he was at it, Kevin got an A.A.S. in Automated Systems in 1995. The milestone motivated him to continue, and he transferred to Regis University the next year.

After two years of hard work, Kevin graduated from Regis with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. In the two decades since, his career at ESC engineering has flourished. After 19 years with the electrical engineering consulting firm, Kevin was promoted to president in 2008. The career advice he received from his own father is something he’s passed on to his son as well: Find something you love to do and keep doing it.

"Going back to college wasn’t a necessity at the time that I did it, but it was something I always aspired to do because I wanted to demonstrate to my kids that it was important — and it paved the way for me to become president at ESC 10 years ago. FRCC offered a class schedule that was conducive to my life. For someone who hasn’t been to college before or went a long time ago and is going back, FRCC is a great, supportive environment."