From Steps To Leaps


The way she tells it, Danielle's story is of "little dream after little dream." A 2005 Rocky Mountain High School graduate, she started her college education at FRCC mainly because the school seemed affordable and approachable. A year into classes, however, Danielle was unsure of what she really wanted to do and took a break, moving to Arizona to work. Still, she yearned for a meaningful career. Eventually, she returned to Colorado - and FRCC - to find it.

While in college, Danielle kept taking steps toward a brighter future. She graduated from FRCC with her A.A. and transferred to the University of Northern Colorado in 2011, thinking she would teach high school English. But her college success fueled a desire to keep going - and become either an attorney or a professor. As she approached graduation, she took the LSAT and the GRE, did better on the LSAT, and applied to law schools all over the nation. She chose the University of Wyoming College of Law. Her goal: to help people.

After working in UW's Civil Legal Services and Defender Aid Clinics, Danielle interned with the Colorado Public Defender's Office in Fort Collins. She loved being able to protect the constitutional rights of everyday citizens by protecting the rights of those accused of crimes. When she graduates in May 2018, Danielle will become a criminal defense attorney with the Colorado Public Defenders Office. It was, as she describes it, the final "baby step" on her journey to achieve a dream she never thought would actually come true.

"My background didn't really put me in a position to go to college, but when I went to FRCC, everybody was encouraging and supportive. My teachers and the staff equipped me with the skills and tools necessary to succeed at UNC and UW College of Law. FRCC is just that kind of place - no matter who you are, they'll help you to keep moving toward your goals."