Creating a Legacy


When Sheri lost her husband to a heart attack in 2012, her world turned upside down. Ken Dron had been in the machining field since age 17 and started a precision machining shop on their Fort Collins property, building prototypes for inventors when he wasn’t at his job at St. Vrain Manufacturing, Inc. Before he passed, Sheri was learning machining skills to help him in the business, which he dreamed of making his full-time endeavor one day.

At first, Sheri considered shutting things down and selling her property—but she decided she wanted to finish what Ken had started. In the wake of Ken’s death, one of her daughters was also doing some soul-searching and switched gears from applying to veterinary school to enrolling in the Emergency Medical Technician program at FRCC. She nudged Sheri toward the Precision Machining Technology certificate program. Sheri enrolled in 2013.

In school, Sheri got a paid internship with Whip Mix. When she completed her FRCC program, she was hired as a CNC machinist at Walker Manufacturing. Meanwhile, her daughter, Chantelle, was hired as the community outreach coordinator for the Windsor Severance Fire Rescue and was doing research on Advanced Resuscitation Training with a well-known expert on the subject based out of the University of California San Diego. Today, Chantelle is the EMS program manager/resuscitation officer.

In fall 2017, Sheri left Walker for a new adventure. The mother- daughter duo has launched a new business that will build precision products that optimize resuscitation performance. Sheri’s other daughter, Danielle—a project manager for an insurance analytics company—will also be partnering in the business. Their goal: to help save lives… in honor of Ken.

"FRCC gave me a fantastic education and the confidence to work on multiple types of machines. And now, this new business gives me a life purpose. I’m extremely thankful to the people who supported me along the way and to FRCC for showing me that I can truly do anything. I’m very excited for the future."