Transfer Success Stories

Olivia Olivia

In high school, Olivia worked 35-40 hours a week to help her mom pay the rent. She didn’t think of herself as a great student and lacked the confidence to even consider attending a four-year college.

She decided to give FRCC a try. Her time on campus reignited her childhood passion for science, while also helping her to believe in her own considerable abilities. Now a biology major at CSU, her undergraduate research has been published—and she’s on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 2022.

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Kevin Kevin

Kevin struggled with severe anxiety in high school, and almost didn’t graduate with his class. Thanks to his mom, his teachers— and his own perseverance—Kevin managed to make it through a tough senior year.

Starting college at FRCC gave him the support and confidence he needed to do well in school and pursue his passion. He’s now on track for a bachelor’s degree in physics from CSU.

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Jolaya Jolaya

Not sure what to major in? Neither was Jolaya when she finished high school. She started at FRCC to explore her interests at an affordable price. And she ended up changing directions entirely.

She got the guidance she needed to prepare to transfer to CU-Boulder as a junior—where she’s now studying molecular, cellular and developmental biology. She’s on track to graduate with her bachelor’s in the fall of 2022. And she credits FRCC with helping her find her path to get there.

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Reece Reece

Reece is an active, outdoorsy Colorado native who was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. Sitting still in classes was a challenge for him—and still is. He saw some ups and downs in school—so after graduating, he needed a little time to find his path.

He ended up studying at FRCC before transferring to CU- Boulder to study aerospace engineering. Reece felt well prepared academically and he scored a great internship with Lockheed Martin. But he found that the aerospace program wasn’t quite the right fit for him. After switching majors—and universities—he’s now continuing his internship, and is on track to graduate from CSU with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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Monica Monica

Getting involved in activities at school was critical for Monica from an early age. She chose to attend FRCC for her first two years of college because it costs significantly less than a four- year university. But she also wanted all the campus involvement opportunities of a bigger school.

As a new college student at FRCC, she dove in head first— and made sure to connect with her teachers and advisors when she needed guidance and support. Now a graduate of CU-Boulder, she has a job she loves with a major banking company. And she says FRCC is a great place to get your start.

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Giovanni Giovanni

Giovanni arrived in the US when he was in 10th grade. He had no trouble with the concepts he was learning in high school, but he struggled with learning English at first.

A couple of years—and a lot of hard work later—he came to FRCC to prepare himself for a four-year university. His says those classes gave him the foundational support he needed to be successful in college. He’s now studying civil engineering at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and is set to graduate with his bachelor’s degree next year.

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Zoey Zoey

Zoey never thought she’d be a college student. But when she started working full time and could barely make ends meet, she decided to give FRCC a try. Unsure of her path, she found a community and some helpful direction on the college’s Larimer Campus.

She fell in love with math—and got the personal guidance she needed to transfer smoothly to CSU. Well prepared academically, she’s now on track to graduate in May 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

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Emily Emily

After an early stint at a private college landed her in serious debt, Emily worked hard to get back on her feet. She eventually started taking online classes at FRCC because they gelled with her work schedule. It was her second attempt at college—and everything clicked for her this time.

She changed her major, took the right classes to lay a strong science foundation and got some great guidance on transferring to a four-year university. Emily now has a bachelor’s degree and a job she loves in her field. But she’s not done learning.

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LeAnna LeAnna

LeAnna’s formal education ended after sixth grade. She worked a lot of different jobs over the years, and eventually started college. Financial constraints and life twists meant that her journey would involve four different colleges—with a couple of brief but necessary pauses to make her finances work. But she never gave up.

An incredibly hard worker who is curious by nature, LeAnna has been wildly successful at FRCC. She is now on track to earn a bachelor’s degree in ecosystem science and sustainability from CSU, become a scientist and eventually a policymaker.

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Branden Branden

Branden was always a strong student and an avid writer. But how do you turn that innate talent into a lifelong career when you don't even know the basics of how to survive college?

Branden decided to get his start at FRCC, and used his time here to learn some fundamental skills that are critical to being successful in college. And his professors gave him the guidance he needed to figure out a path to his bachelor's degree... and beyond.

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