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  • Each FRCC campus has a Student Life department that offers a variety of events and activities for students. You can also find events in the online event calendar. Take advantage of open mic nights, carnivals, a no-talent show, and more. The event and activity calendar is always growing, so check back often.

  • FRCC has a student code of conduct document that FRCC students are expected to follow. The code of conduct includes information on students’ rights, freedoms, and responsibilities.Conduct which violates student rights and freedoms is subject to disciplinary action. In addition, there is information about the student disciplinary and judicial procedures along with student grievance procedures.

    If you have concerns or questions about a student's conduct, contact the Dean of Student Services on your campus:

    • Boulder County: (303) 678-3621
    • Larimer: (970) 204-8379
    • Westminster: (303) 404.5602
  • Student Life seeks to expose students to a variety of activities and opportunities, fostering leadership and teamwork skills that will benefit them now and in the future. We recognize that learning takes place both in and outside of the classroom. As such, Student Life is committed to helping students become active members of our college and community.

    See what Student Life has to offer you.

  • To get your Wolf Card, bring a valid photo ID, your current class schedule and $5 to your campus Student Life Office.

    The FRCC Wolf Card is your FRCC student ID and gives you:

    • Access to campus libraries and labs
    • Entry to campus student activities
    • Discounted goods and services with participating merchants
  • Larimer Campus has the FRCC Reporter student newspaper.

    Westminster Campus has The Front Page student newspaper.

    Boulder County Campus does not have a student newspaper at this time.

    Each campus also has a bi-weekly newsletter that is posted in the bathroom stalls. It lists campus events and activities and is produced by the Student Life Office.

  • Each campus offers bus passes. See how to get them at your campus.

    Westminster Campus:

    Offers monthly bus passes for sale (Local, Regional & Express). Contact Student life at (303) 404-5314 for more information.

    Larimer Campus:

    Has discounted Transfort bus passes. Contact the Information center at (970) 204-8243.

    Boulder County Campus:

    The Student Government Association offers limited ticket books for sale.  Contact the SGA office at (303) 678-3742.

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