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  • Tuition fees for college courses may be claimed as a credit on your personal income tax return. See these FAQs for more information.

  • You can pay your tuition by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover at the Cashier's Office located at your campus.

    You can also pay online via eWOLF.  Click on the Pay My Bill icon on the Dashboard.

    You can also sign up for an interest-free monthly payment plan ($35 enrollment fee) in eWOLF. From the Payments & Financial Aid drop-down menu go to the Payments & Payment Plans page.

  • The College Opportunity Fund is used by the state of Colorado to pay a portion of the total cost of undergraduate degrees for Colorado residents attending Colorado public institutions.

    You only apply once, but you must authorize the use of COF each semester, at each school you attend. At Front Range Community College, you can authorize COF in eWOLF.

    Learn more about COF.

  • There are no refunds when you withdraw from a class. Refunds are available if you drop a class by the drop date deadline.  The last day to drop a class with a refund is based on the class session dates. See all drop and withdraw deadlines.

    All refunds are issued electronically based on the selected BankMobile refund preference. If payment is made with a credit card the payment amount will be refunded to that card. 

    Refunds are issued within 14 days of appearing on the student’s account, beginning after the first day of classes for any given semester. The refund calendar will give you an estimated timeframe when you could receive your refund. See more information about refunds.

    For financial aid students, refunds begin after the last day to drop for the full semester courses.


  • To receive a refund, you must drop the class prior to the drop deadline, which can be found on the Detailed Student Schedule in eWOLF.

    All refunds will be issued electronically based on the selected BankMobile refund preference. If payments are made directly to FRCC with a credit card, then the credit card will be refunded up to the dollar amount paid.

    Refunds will be issued within 14 days of appearing on the student’s account, beginning after the first day of classes for any given term. For financial aid students, refunds begin after the last day to drop for the full term courses. See the refund calendar to know when to expect a refund.

    A BankMobile refund preference can be chosen by visiting the BankMobile website once you have received your refund selection kit from Front Range Community College. If you have questions on activating your refund preference with BankMobile please contact the Cashier's office.

  • To view your current tuition balance, log in to your eWOLF account and click on the Pay My Bill icon on the Dashboard.

  • You should pay for your classes or accept your financial aid award by the tuition payment deadline. This is typically a week after classes begin. Payment can be made online via eWOLF or in person at any of the campus Cashier offices.

    Any balance not covered by Financial Aid remains the student’s responsibility and is due by payment deadline.  To view the status of your financial aid award, please go eWOLF and click on the Financial Aid Award icon on the Dashboard.

    If payment is not arranged by the payment deadline, students run the risk of being dropped from classes.  It is important to note that FRCC does not send a bill to students for classes that have not been paid for.

    If a student does not want to attend or take any classes, they are responsible for dropping their classes by the appropriate drop date. See drop deadlines.

  • FRCC uses a company called BankMobile to manage refunds. 

    All refunds are issued electronically within 14 days of showing up on your account, based on the refund preference you select. Use your personal code to choose your refund preference at The refund preferences you can choose from include:

    • Funds on your BankMobile VIBE Card (fastest refund) 

    • Bank account direct deposit (ACH transfer) 

    • Paper check (slowest refund)

    • If you do not choose a preference a paper check will be issued by BankMobile, mailed to the address on file when your BankMobile account was generated. See the refund calendar to see how long each option takes.

    You should receive your card refund selection kit through the mail, and a selection reminder will be sent to your college-issued email after you've registered for classes for the first time.

    Learn more about FRCC refunds and BankMobile.

  • We do not offer senior discounts for courses taken for credit. Some non-credit courses offered through our Continuing Education office offer discounted rates for seniors.

  • Yes, FRCC participates in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program.  At FRCC, eligible students pay 150 percent of Colorado resident tuition (in-state tuition minus COF). This is considerably less than non-resident tuition. Learn how to receive WUE tuition rates at FRCC..

  • If an automatic bank payment or credit card payment is returned, a $30.00 fee will be automatically assessed to your account and you will be notified via mail or email. The payment will be reattempted up to three more times during the semester on the 20th and 5th of the month. If the final draft for the term is unsuccessful, payment needs to be made directly to the college.

  • FRCC is required to charge certain education-related fees in addition to tuition. Some fees vary by campus and class. See class-specific fees.

    Fees and charges consist of the following: registration fee, student life related services, high-cost course fee, student center and bond fees, parking, program fees, and career and technical program fees.

  • You are classified as a Colorado resident or non-resident for tuition purposes based on the information you provide on your admissions application. To qualify for in-state tuition you must:

    1. Physically reside in Colorado for 12 consecutive months.
    2. Have legal ties to Colorado for 12 consecutive months preceding the beginning of the first day of the term with the intent to remain in Colorado indefinitely.

    See more information on establishing residency.

  • The 1098-T is an IRS form that is mailed each January to all students who had qualified tuition and other related educational expenses billed to them during the previous calendar year. It alerts students that they may be eligible for federal income tax education credits on their Federal Income Tax Return. See 1098-T FAQs.

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