Students Under 17

Interested in Concurrent Enrollment?

If you are currently attending high school and want to take concurrent college classes (tuition paid by school district), see the admissions process for the campus closest to you.

If you are under 17 and want to attend FRCC, see the information below.

At Front Range Community College you can explore potential career interests, earn college credit, and get a feel for what college classes are like.

How to Waive Minimum Age Requirements

Students who wish to waive the minimum age (17) for admissions (as per the Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System State Board Policy) must meet the following criteria: 

  • Students must demonstrate readiness for college-level work by meeting all state-established minimum scores for college-level English and mathematics. College level preparedness can be demonstrated by the following minimum scores:

    • SAT: 470 or higher verbal and a 500 or higher math score. If you took the SAT before March 1, 2016, you will need 430 or higher for Evidence-based Reading and 460 or higher in math.

    • ACT: English 18, Math 19 

  • Students (and their guardians) should meet with an advisor or designated staff member to determine eligibility for admission and appropriateness of course selection. The Dean of Student Affairs or designee is responsible for final approval. 

  • The student and the student’s parent or guardian must sign the Underage Admission Waiver indicating that they understand the college’s expectations.

Waiver Approval

Students will be notified regarding whether their waiver was approved or denied by the Dean of Student Affairs (or designee). If approved, see how to get started at FRCC.