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If you have stopped out of college, the Alternative Credit Project (ACP) provides a pool of online courses that Front Range Community College (FRCC) will accept towards your degree (up to 75% of credits required for a degree or certificate). A national program of the American Council on Education, supported by a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the ACP is designed to help adults finish what they started—a two- or four-year degree, or a post-secondary certificate.

Even if you’re not ready to apply yet, we are here to help.

We have admissions counselors, financial aid advisors, and academic advisors who specialize in helping students who have started careers or families to come back to school and finish their education. Contact us today for more information or to get a tour of our campuses.

FRCC Accepts These Courses

Click each category to see the specific courses accepted.

All ACE credit recommendations are eligible for evaluation for credit at FRCC. If you don’t see your course on this list, contact us to learn about our course evaluation process and your opportunities for credit.

Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Eqiuv Credit
Accounting I Straighterline ACPE-0086 ACC 121 4
Accounting II Pearson ACPE-0087 ACC 122 4
Accounting II Straighterline ACPE-0088 ACE 122 4
Intro to Financial Accounting Saylor ACPE-0113 ACC 101 3
Managerial Accounting Ed4Online ACPE-0117 ACC 226 3
Principles of Accounting 1 Ed4Online ACPE-0132 ACC 121 4
Principles of Accounting 2 Ed4Online ACPE-0133 ACC 122 4
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Eqiuv Credit
Introduction to Art History Sophia ACPE-0105 ART 110 OR
ART 111 and 112
3 OR
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
Introduction to Business Saylor ACPE-0107 BUS 115 3
Introduction to Business Straighterline ACPE-0108 BUS 115 3
Intro to Business Info Systems Pearson ACPE-0109 CIS 267 3
Business Law Pearson ACPE-0097 BUS 216 OR 218
Business Law Straighterline ACPE-0098 BUS 218 3
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
Corporate Communication Saylor ACPE-0006 BUS 217 OR COM 105
Business Communication Straighterline ACPE-0009 COM 105 3
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
Computer Basics Ed4Online ACPE-0100 CIS 115 3
Managing Info Systems Ed4Online ACPE-0118 CIS 267 3
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
English Composition I Pearson ACPE-0003 CCR 091 (sl) 1
English Composition II Straighterline ACPE-0026 ENG 122 3
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
Human Resource Management Ed4Online ACPE-0102 MAN 200 3
Human Resource Management Pearson ACPE-0104 MAN 200 3
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
Principles of Management Pearson ACPE-0122 MAN 226 3
Principles of Management Saylor ACPE-0123 MAN 226 3
Principles of Management Straighterline ACPE-0124 MAN 226 3
Project Management Sophia ACPE-0128 MAN 241 3
Business Management Ed4Online ACPE-0135 MAN 226 3
Organizational Behavior Pearson ACPE-0120 MAN 215 3
Organizational Behavior Straighterline ACPE-0121 MAN 215 3
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
College Algebra Saylor ACPE-0016 MAT 050 4
College Algebra Straighterline ACPE-0018 MAT 121 4
Calculus I Saylor ACPE-0015 MAT 201 5
Pre Calculus Straighterline ACPE-0019 MAT 166 5
General Calculus I Straighterline ACPE-0040 MAT 201 5
General Calculus II Straighterline ACPE-0041 MAT 202 5
Introduction to Statistics
Saylor ACPE-0017  MAT 135
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
Professional & Career Development
Ed4Online ACPE-0051 MAR 106 3
Student Success
Pearson ACPE-0054 AAA 101
Student Success
Straighterline ACPE-0064 AAA 109
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
Anatomy & Physiology
Pearson ACPE-0090 BIO 106
General Physics &
General Physics Lab
Straighterline ACPE-0038
PHY 211
Course Title Provider ACE Transc CCNS Equiv Credit
Spanish I Straighterline ACPE-0129 SPA 111 5
Spanish II Straighterline ACPE-0130 SPA 112 5

Earn An Associate Degree at FRCC

From Accounting to Welding, we offer more than 60 academic programs to further your education. You can earn a two-year associate degree or choose from more than 100 certificates. See required courses for:

There many reasons to choose FRCC:

  • Our annual tuition is 56 percent less than the average tuition at Colorado's public four-year schools, saving you more than $10,000.
  • We have four convenient locations at the Boulder County Campus in Longmont, Larimer Campus in Fort Collins, Westminster Campus and Brighton Center. We also offer more than 350 classes online so you can complete courses on your own schedule.
  • Our average class size is less than 20 students, so you get the personal attention you need.
  • Our teachers have great passion for what they do, and make classroom subjects real and exciting.
FRCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and many of our programs are specially accredited by industry groups. This accreditation is your guarantee that a college or university meets or exceeds national standards for education. See all accredited programs.

How to Apply to FRCC

With your eligible ACP credits you can apply to FRCC as a transfer student. We'll need your application, transfer request, and official transcripts. You can request your ACP transcript online from the American Council on Education (ACE). Then we’ll email you a Transfer Credit Evaluation that will tell you what will (and what won’t) transfer into FRCC.

Once you have your evaluation, it’s a good idea to meet with your academic advisor to figure out how your transfer credits factor into your program and plans.