Larimer Campus Outreach Team

LC-Dion Duran

Dion Duran

Coordinator of Community Outreach & Enrollment, Admissions & Outreach

I refer to my story as the “D-tour,” because I took a different path and didn’t return to college until I was 32 years old. Prior to that, I worked as a journeyman mason for a family business. Working in construction was an invaluable experience that taught me an excellent work ethic, leadership, loyalty, creativity, and that quality is more important than quantity. It also revealed to me that I did not want to do that for the rest of my life. Contact Dion.
LC-Philip Hayes

Philip Hayes

Representative, Admissions & Outreach

I was a straight A student who couldn’t get past the 9th grade. For various reasons, I struggled through junior high and high school. Looking back, I lacked an adequate support system. That’s where FRCC comes in. I started here as a student in 2009 after not attending school for decades. I made immediate, and meaningful connections with the caring, intelligent folks I met here – students, staff, and faculty. Contact Philip.
LC-Rachel Davis

Rachel Davis

Director, Admissions and Outreach

During my time in the Opera Performance program at University of Northern Colorado, I realized I wanted to change direction and pursue a path where I could have an impact on students in higher education. I earned my Masters of Education in College Student Affairs at Azusa Pacific University in California. After graduation I served as Residence Hall Director at three institutions, then in Career and Academic Advising at Aims Community College in Greeley. Through that experience, I found that community colleges are where I want to serve and I have stayed ever since! Contact Rachel.

Wendy Hurtado

Bilingual Representative, Admissions & Outreach

A month before graduating from high school, I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life nor did I have any specific career interests. However, I knew I had to attend college as my parents had always instilled it in me. I quickly enrolled at FRCC, before I knew it, I was enrolled and working towards my Associate of Arts. During my time at FRCC, I worked as a Student Ambassador, through this experience; I met many great people along the way who helped my time at this institution be the best it could be. Contact Wendy.