Westminster Campus Outreach Team


Janelle Bonavida

Representative, Admissions & Outreach

Janelle grew up in Colorado and although she has had the joy of living in several places throughout the state, she is very grateful that she lives close to her family and friends in northern Colorado and the Denver area. As a high school counselor, Janelle really enjoyed meeting with students, getting to know them, understanding their goals, and helping guide them through the process of researching colleges/universities, meeting with representatives from various colleges/universities, and so much more. Therefore, she decided to pursue a position within higher education, which led her to an amazing career at Front Range Community College within Outreach and Admissions! Contact Janelle.
WC-Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown

Assistant Director, Admissions & Outreach

I was born in South Korea and adopted at a young age. I grew up in Denver. When I graduated from George Washington High School, I decided to attend Colorado State University to study music therapy. Unfortunately, I hadn’t visited the school before and didn’t prepare myself for the transition that going to CSU would bring to my life. I really struggled my freshman and sophomore years. What saved my college career was getting involved in different clubs as well as working on campus. I also changed my major to psychology. I loved being involved so much that I decided to stay at CSU to learn how to work at a college! I got my master’s degree there in Student Affairs in Higher Education. After a quick internship at the University of Colorado Denver post graduation, I got a job at FRCC. The rest is history! Contact Hannah.

Amanda Chamberlain

Representative, Admissions & Outreach

I grew up in Southern California and moved to Colorado in 2013 where I attend FRCC. I had the dream of attending CU Boulder but with having to pay my own way through college and needing to work I chose to transfer to CSU-Global Campus after graduating with my A.A. in Psychology. While attending FRCC I got a work study position at the Welcome Center where I realized my desire to work within higher education. Helping students achieve their educational goals brings me joy and I am so blessed to be able to continue this work at FRCC. Contact Amanda.


Lidia Trushnina

Bilingual Representative, Admissions & Outreach | Habla Español

Lidia grew up in Russia and came to the United States to go to college. Lidia attended Arapahoe Community College and then transferred to Metropolitan State University. Lidia has a Master of Arts in Spanish and has been teaching Spanish for 8 years at a variety of institutions, including FRCC. Lidia also worked as a bilingual case manager for a community mental health center where she worked with Spanish speaking families and individuals, connecting them with resources and helping them on the path to self-sufficiency. She combines her desire to assist others to pursue educational opportunities with her love of Spanish language and culture in her new role. Lidia’s focus will be working with high school students and their families to help them navigate the enrollment process at FRCC. Contact Lidia.
Cynthia Farmer photo

Cynthia Farmer, Ed.D, MBA

Director of Admissions and Outreach

My goal as Director is to provide leadership and strategic direction for Westminster Campus Admissions and Outreach, employ innovative practices in recruitment and enrollment management, and collaborate across FRCC campuses and the community to connect incoming students with quality education programs and exceptional student services. Contact Cynthia