Transfer In

Already have college credits from another college or university? These three simple steps will help you transfer your credits into Front Range Community College:

1. Submit an Application for Admissions

To start the transfer process, apply for admissions at FRCC by filling out our online application. Applying is free and, if you’re over 17, our open enrollment policy means you’re automatically in.

2. Fill Out a Transfer Request

This simple Transfer Credit Evaluation form will help us understand what credits you have and what will transfer.

3. Send Us Your Official Transcripts

FRCC can only accept official transcripts sent directly (mail or electronic) from your previous college or university to the Office of the Registrar at the FRCC campus you want to attend. Transcripts issued to the student, hand-carried, or faxed cannot be accepted.

Email Addresses for the Office of the Registrar at each FRCC campus:

Boulder County Campus: 
Larimer Campus:
Westminster Campus/
Brighton Center:

(Need an office address?)

What Happens Next?

Once we have your application, transfer request, and official transcripts, we’ll email you a Transfer Credit Evaluation. This will tell you what will (and what won’t) transfer into FRCC.

Once you have your evaluation, it’s a good idea to meet with your academic advisor to figure out how your transfer credits factor into your program and plans.

Which Credits Will Transfer?

If you earned a C or higher in a relevant college-level course at a regionally accredited college or university, your credits are probably eligible for transfer.

  • Transfer credits may not apply to your specific degree or program.
  • If you’re an Applied Science student, contact your faculty advisor or instructional department chair to talk about course substitutions and waivers.

Procedures for Transfer Credit Appeal

  1. Students with questions or concerns about their transcript evaluations should contact the Transcript Evaluator who provided the evaluation.
  2. If a student disagrees with the College decision, they can file a complaint with CDHE

Do Grades Transfer, Too?

Only courses with a C or higher will transfer into FRCC, and once the credits transfer, their grades will not change your FRCC GPA.

Other Types of Transfer Credits

Credit for Prior Learning, corporate or military training with an ACE recommendation, some test scores or vocational certificates, and certain high school classes for college credit may also qualify for transfer credits.

For information about transferring military training credit, visit Veteran Services. For information about transferring any other type of credit, contact the advising department at your campus.

Contact Advising
Boulder County Campus

(303) 678-3722 | Email us

Larimer Campus

(970) 204-8332 | Email us

Westminster Campus

(303) 404-5000 | Email us

Brighton Center

(303) 404-5099 | Email us

Successful Transfers