Bridges to Baccalaureate Transfer

What is Bridges to Baccalaureate?

BridgestoB_logoBridges to Baccalaureate is a new program at the Larimer Campus to help you transfer to Colorado State University and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical or behavioral sciences.

If you are interested in science, psychology, or any STEM field, this is for you.

B2B is a National Institutes of Health-funded grant to CSU, and FRCC students can benefit. Your CSU bachelor’s degree could lead to graduate school and/or a career in science or research.

Who’s Eligible?

Have an interest in science, psychology, or any STEM field:

  • First- and second-semester FRCC students
  • Veterans
  • Members of ethnic minority groups
  • Students eligible for Pell grants
  • First generation of your family who will graduate from college
  • Students with documented disabilities
  • High school students coming to FRCC

Services We Provide

  • Student success coach working just with students in this program
  • Workshops to develop research skills
  • An opportunity to do research at CSU
  • New FRCC courses that CSU wants you to take
  • Opportunities to network with CSU scientists and researchers
  • Visits to CSU research labs
  • Guidance and advice on the ins and outs of transferring to CSU
  • Tutoring
Get Started

Erin Pitts, Student Success Coach

Email | (970) 204-8636