Campus Select

suggestions for guaranteed transfer (GT) classes

What is Campus Select?

Students take college courses on campus at FRCC for both high school and college credit. Tuition is covered by the school district, but students are responsible for the cost of textbooks and fees.

What FRCC classes can I take?

We are happy to help students select FRCC classes!  You can start by reviewing suggestions for guaranteed transfer (GT) classes and a list of Academic Programs offered on the Larimer Campus.

To schedule a remote advising appointment:

TSD, PHS, Estes Park, CEC, Goal, Windsor, Severance students: schedule an appointment with Vicky Paul-Bryant.

PSD students:  schedule an appointment with Lori Cicero

Appointments will be held via Zoom or over the phone.

Am I eligible to participate?

Students must be approved by their high school counselor to participate in the Campus Select Program. In some cases, qualifying test scores may be required prior to enrollment in a course.

Students under 16 years old, by the start of the semester, are required to complete the underage enrollment process with FRCC.  Please complete the Underage Admission Waiver and FRCC will contact you for an appointment.

Campus Select Enrollment Steps

  1. Talk to your high school counselor for approval to participate in the Campus Select program.
  2. Apply for admission to FRCC. Use this application guide or watch this tutorial for help.
  3. Students taking their first Campus Select class(es) need to complete the online Campus Select orientation.
  4. Your high school counselor will provide a link to the online Concurrent Enrollment Agreement form. Complete and submit by the high school deadline.     
  5. Register for classes. Registration Instructions and a tutorial are available to help.
  6. Check the Campus Select Semester Start Up page for details about how to get started next semester, including information about your FRCC email, purchasing textbooks, and accessing your classes online. 

Contact College Now

(970 204-8370

Campus Select Orientation

Attending the FRCC Larimer Campus for the first time? Estes Park, Poudre, and Thompson school district high school students must complete the online mandatory orientation here.