High School Select - Current Students

Welcome to High School Select with Front Range Community College - congratulations on becoming a college student and getting a head start on your higher education! 

Please see important information below for students who are enrolled in an FRCC class at their high schools.

Enrollment Confirmation

After you follow the enrollment steps provided by your high school, FRCC will complete your registration for your High School Select class. Students are strongly advised to check their FRCC class registration by following the instructions below. Please allow four weeks from the start of your class before checking your registration.

  • Go to www.frontrange.edu.
  • Click on eWolf at the top of the screen
  • Use your S-number to log in to your FRCC account. The first time you log in, your password will be “Student” followed by your 8-digit birthday in this format: StudentMMDDYYYY.
  • Click on the “My Schedule” icon on the eWolf dashboard.
  • Each of your High School Select classes should appear on your FRCC schedule. If you believe there is an error in your enrollment, please contact the Concurrent Enrollment office at 970-204-8370.

Resources at FRCC

As a college student, you have access to all of FRCC's support services including Academic Success Center. In addition, an online writing lab is available for students to submit papers online and receive feedback via email. 

  • If you have accommodations at your high school (an IEP or 504), check with your teacher about how accommodations work in your class.

Withdrawing from your FRCC class

If you decide not to continue in this course for any reason, you have the option to withdraw from the college credit. Please see your course syllabus for the deadline to withdraw. Please be sure to talk with your high school counselor or instructor about whether you will continue attending the class for high school credit only. A withdraw will appear on your FRCC transcript as a “W,” but will not affect your college GPA. Withdraws (and any grade below a "C") may affect your financial aid eligibility if you return to FRCC after high school. Please see your high school counselor if you would like to withdraw.

More things to think about

  • Taking additional HS Select courses later in the year
  • Take classes on campus through Campus Select
  • ASCENT program – free additional year of college after high school (and HS Select classes would apply towards that if you receive college credit and get a C or above)
  • Getting below a C in the class could negatively affect future financial aid
  • Always respond if FRCC emails or calls!
    • Holds/money issues in general
      • COF or Selective Service for example

Questions? Please contact your high school counselor or Concurrent Enrollment at 970-204-8370 or lcce@frontrange.edu

Welcome to FRCC!  We hope your semester is off to a great start! 

FRCC Transcripts

  • At the end of the class, your final grade will post to your high school transcript and your FRCC transcript.
  • You may need to send this FRCC transcript to other colleges after high school. If so, you’ll log into eWolf, select “Transcripts” from the main dashboard, and select “Order Official Transcripts.”