Current Students

Current Students

FRCC is excited you have chosen to take classes while in high school! 

Our staff is happy to help you discuss classes or access support in your classes any time you need. To schedule an appointment to meet with a staff member, call 970-204-8370 or email.

Are you a continuing Concurrent Enrollment student?  Be sure to speak with your high school counselor and fill out a Concurrent Enrollment form each semester you enroll.

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The classes you take now begin your official college transcript and may be used toward the completion of a future degree or certificate.  See more information about FRCC’s degrees.

You will register for classes in eWOLF. See how below:

How to Add Classes

FRCC has a number of resources to help students be successful in their classes.  Check out:

FRCC’s Disability Support Services Office is available to meet with students seeking accommodations.  Accommodations received in high school classes, may or may not apply in college classes.  Please contact Disability Services on your FRCC campus for more information about accommodations.

Please note that students are eligible for financial aid and scholarships upon graduating high school; while in high school, students are responsible for any costs associated with their classes and do not qualify for financial aid

Looking for scholarships for college after high school?  See our scholarship page to see what scholarships are available. Financial Aid is also available by completing the FAFSA.

The grades that students receive in concurrent enrollment classes may affect their financial aid eligibility in the future.  Students are encouraged to understand requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress.
Student enrolled in FRCC classes are responsible for abiding by all policies set forth in the Student Code of Conduct. If you ever have questions about your rights and responsibilities, please contact FRCC staff.

All Concurrent Enrollment classes will appear on your official FRCC transcript.

You may order your official transcript online through your eWOLF account. Transcripts can be sent electronically or in the mail for $3.

Continuing at FRCC after high school? Concurrent Enrollment students are encouraged to continue at FRCC after high school to complete a degree or certificate, or take additional classes that will transfer to a 4 year institution. Our Advising staff members are here to help you with future class planning. Contact Advising at your FRCC campus to talk with an Advisor about continuing at FRCC.


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