Awarding Process

The general award process for a typical student who files an application between October and April is as follows:

When What to Expect
October– April

Student Files a FAFSA

The application is processed and the Department of Education sends an electronic version of the application to the institutions listed on the FAFSA. A Student Aid Report (SAR) is sent to the student.
November- April


The institution reviews the application for errors and requests any documentation necessary for the completion of verification. Applications selected for verification are commonly asked to provide copies of tax transcripts from the IRS (if the IRS Data Retrieval tool was not utilized) and a completed verification worksheet.
November– April

Student Submits Requested Documentation

All documentation must be signed by the student and a parent, if they are a dependent student.If errors are found on the FAFSA, a correction is submitted by the school.

Common errors include transposed numbers, incorrect taxes reported and incorrect household size reported.Students can help eliminate the need for corrections by reviewing their Student Aid Report carefully.
April– August

Student Notified of Financial Aid Eligibility

Once a file has been reviewed and/or verification is complete, an award is made based on financial aid eligibility. Students will be notified via an e-mail award notification and by the award being posted on eWOLF.
Terms and Conditions of receiving financial aid should be read and accepted before your award will be disbursed/paid. Students who are first-time borrowers at FRCC will be asked to complete an Entrance Counseling Session and sign a Master Promissory Note for the Stafford Loans they will be accepting.

September- December(Fall term)

February-May(Spring term)

Financial Aid is Disbursed

Financial aid will be disbursed in to a students account based on the enrollment, eligibility, and disbursement timelines. If a credit balance is created due to the payment of financial aid, the Cashiers Office will process the credit balance and the student will receive a financial aid refund for the balance.

Contact Financial Aid

Email us or contact office at your campus:

Boulder County Campus

Phone: (303) 678-3696

Fax: (303) 678-3693

Larimer Campus

Phone: (970) 204-8376

Fax: (970) 204-8445

Westminster Campus

Phone: (303) 404-5250

Fax: (303) 439-9454

Brighton Center

Phone: (303) 404-5250

Fax: (303) 439-9454

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