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Finish Your Education with a Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) Grant

Were your college plans cut short by the pandemic? You’re not alone.

That's why FRCC now has two new programs to help people go back to school and get back to work—and we can help you pay for it too.  

FRCC has received two grants—totaling more than $4 million—from the state Department of Higher Education’s Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI). FRCC will use these funds to re-enroll and support students who have started their education, but had to stop without completing a degree. 

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How COSI Grants Will Help

Our two COSI Grant programs help people who left college during the pandemic get back to school -- and work. They provide scholarships to help students pay for their schooling, as well as support services to ensure they can complete their program of study. 

  • Finish What You Started program. Students who have either been out of school for more than two semesters, or who have applied to the college but did not enroll in classes because they were impacted by the pandemic can get a combination of financial support and other additional services..

  • Back to Work program. People who are looking to begin school to learn skills for a new career may be eligible for significant grant money to complete their education.

  • Students in both programs will also get to work directly with a student success coach who will help guide them through the process—including assisting with financial planning, academic planning, career planning and more.

COSI Grant Details

The $3.2 million Finish What You Started grant is designed to help FRCC students who have either been out of school for more than two semesters, or who have applied to the college but did not enroll in classes because they were financially impacted during the pandemic.

Financial impact can include:

  • Loss of household employment
  • Reduction of work hours
  • Being placed on furlough or being terminated from a position
  • Needing to take time off for childcare purposes, food or housing insecurity, etc.

FRCC expects to serve 600 students through financial support and additional services such as:

  • Career planning
  • Student coaching
  • Career connections
  • Links to community and public resources—like transportation assistance, childcare centers, legal aid services, housing support and more

COSI’s Back to Work grant aims to support Coloradans in completing their education, and get people around the state back to work. This $850,000 grant will help FRCC support workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic—including those who:

  • Were laid off or furloughed
  • Saw decreased earnings
  • Had job offers rescinded
  • Could not enter the workforce because of adverse economic conditions
  • Are between 0%-250% Pell-grant eligible

The Back to Work grant is designed to serve 150 students who are not currently in school and will be studying in programs aligned with Colorado Top Jobs.

Students in this program will work directly with a student success coach who will help them plan for success—including assisting with financial planning and career planning.

For the last four years, the COSI CPP Student Success program at FRCC has been providing wrap-around services for students who receive a COSI matching scholarship from the FRCC Foundation.

We assist students in gaining access to: tutoring, counseling services, financial wellness, career exploration, graduation/transfer assistance, childcare and help with food and housing insecurities. Whether or not you continue to receive a COSI scholarship each semester, you will have access to success coaching support during your time at the college.

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