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Computer Information Systems

Offered at: Boulder, Larimer, Westminster, Online

Are you interested in diving into a computer programming degree that gives you hands-on experience in a variety of computer information areas? Our Computer Information Systems degree will give you the experience needed to pursue an exciting degree in this field, with four specific areas to choose from, ranging from Web Development to Database Administration.

This CIS degree is offered online and in the classroom throughout Colorado. FRCC also offers computer programming courses and a variety of computer programming certificates.

Computer Information Systems Degree

A.A.S. in CIS

60-62 credits
(2 years)

The Computer Information Systems program offers four A.A.S. degrees in Programming, Web Development and Database Administration, or a customized CIS degree that is more related to your employment plans. Depending on your focus, you could qualify to work as an entry-level programmer or web developer, or a database administrator.

See CIS course descriptions. 

Students choose from the following four CIS degrees. See required courses for: 

  • Computer Information Systems - consult with program faculty to create an individualized CIS degree to meet your needs. (Not offered at Larimer Campus.)
  • Database Administration - learn about SQL, database design, and database administration.
  • Programming - learn about programming languages such as C++, Java, and Visual Basic.
  • Web Developer- learn about PL/SQL, Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML, DHTML and graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Transfer Options

Regis University

FRCC students can transfer their A.A.S. CIS degree to Regis and choose to pursue a B.A.S. degree in computer information systems or a B.S. degree in computer information systems, computer networking, or computer sciences. Learn more.

Other Colorado Four-Year Schools

If you intend to transfer into a computer-related major at a four-year college or university, consult your FRCC faculty advisor.


Applications Specialist

12 credits
(1 semester)

This certificate program prepares you for entry-level employment positions as data entry and data processing operators using most major types of business applications: word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation graphics.

Applications certificate: See required courses. 

Offered at all campuses and online.



12-13 credits 
(1 semester)

This certificate prepares you for entry-level positions in a business environment that requires an understanding of a Structured Query Language (SQL), database design skills and database administrative tasks. 

Database certificate: See required courses.

Offered at all campuses.


20 credits
(2 semesters)

This certificate program prepares you for the application of programming languages such as C++, Java and Visual Basic. It includes courses in a combination of computer information systems as well as computer science.

Programming certificate: See required courses.

See gainful employment information.

Offered at all campuses and online.

Web Developer

24 credits
(2 semesters)

This certificate program provides entry-level skills for web development, including PL/SQL, Javascript, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, cascading stylesheets, DHTML, JavaScripts and CGI forms.

Web Developer certificate: See required courses.

See gainful employment information.

Offered at all campuses and online.

CIS Jobs & Salaries

Jobs Entry Average Experienced
Computer Programmer $59,707
Database Administrator
Web Developer $41,317

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Occupational Statistics Survey (2017)

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