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Offered at: Boulder, Larimer, Westminster, Online

Begin engineering coursework at Front Range Community College that will prepare you to transfer to a bachelor’s program in a variety of engineering fields. You can earn an Associate of Engineering Science (AES) degree in general engineering, mechanical or civil engineering at FRCC and transfer to Colorado public four-year schools.

Engineering Transfer Agreements vary by institution, so you should meet with your FRCC Pathways advisor to discuss your engineering interests and intended transfer institution.

Multiple Career Paths

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at a four-year college/university opens the door to a variety of engineering careers. Some areas include:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering 

Engineering Degrees and Course Information

There are multiple ways to pursue a degree in Engineering. It is very important to work with your Pathways Advisor to develop the best academic plan for where you are starting and where you are hoping to transfer.

For students who want to complete a degree in engineering and are undecided about the engineering field or transfer university, but are college chemistry and calculus ready, you will want to complete an Associate of Engineering Science degree in General Engineering.

For students who are college chemistry, calculus ready, and interested in transferring to the Colorado State University-Fort Collins or University of Colorado (Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs), you will want to complete an Associate of Engineering Science degree in Mechanical Engineering or an Associate of Engineering Science degree in Civil Engineering. This is the most direct path to a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering at these universities.

It is recommended that you meet with your advisor before selecting a pathway in engineering.

These degrees may also transfer to other Colorado public four-year schools. 

Additional Transfer Options

CU-Boulder: Front Range Community College and University of Colorado Boulder have a transfer pathway for all Engineering majors. Additionally, CU-Boulder has a Partner Pathway Promise which guarantees admission to the College of Engineering and Applied Science for FRCC students who meet certain criteria. The Sharer Scholarship supports students transferring from community colleges and majoring in engineering at CU-Boulder.

CU-Denver:  Front Range Community College and University of Colorado Denver have a transfer pathway for all Engineering majors.

Other Transfer Agreements

These agreements from the Colorado Department of Higher Education allow you to complete credits (how many depends on your major) at FRCC that you can transfer for a Bachelor's degree in Engineering.

Be sure to talk with a Pathways advisor when selecting your courses to ensure you will complete the courses necessary for transferring in your area of interest and to your desired transfer institution.

Engineering Opportunities

Colorado Space Grant Consortium

FRCC is an affiliate of the Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC), which is a state-wide organization involving 21 colleges, universities and institutions around Colorado and is funded by NASA. FRCC participates in the DemoSat Program and the Robotics Challenge. In the DemoSat Program, students design, fabricate, recover, and analyze data from balloon payloads that are launched to the edge of space. In the Robotics Challenge, students design and build a robot that navigates to a beacon and avoids obstacles at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Interested in joining? Contact the Affiliate Director:

Engineering and TECH Clubs

The Engineering and TECH Clubs serve to expand curiosity, interest, and knowledge in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through club projects, events, and by solving diverse problems with diverse people.

Reasons to join the Engineering or TECH Club:

  • Assistance with scholarships and internships
  • Field trips and tours of local industry
  • Opportunities for professional networking
  • Experience collaborating on large-scale projects
  • Engineering-related workshops and panel discussions

Interested in joining? Contact the Engineering Club Advisor at the Boulder County Campus,, or at the Larimer Campus,, or the TECH Club Advisor at the Westminster Campus,

Women in STEM Workshop

Hosted every March, the workshop is designed is to teach students important skills such as soldering and coding in a non-intimidating environment and create a network of support.

Interested in participating? Contact:

Industry Opportunities

Lockheed Martin recruits Engineering candidates from local community colleges with technical 2-year associate degrees for their Pathways to Aerospace program. Additionally, they provide $5,000 Vocational Scholarships to community college students.

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