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Teaching English as a Second Language Certificates

Offered at: Boulder

The Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) program provides high quality instruction through innovative teaching practices and experiential learning. It prepares teacher leaders to be knowledgeable, creative thinkers, and reflective decision makers.

Teaching ESL Abroad

16 credits
(2 semesters)

This certificate program prepares students to teach English to children and adults in countries around the world.

Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad certificate: See required courses and descriptions.

Teaching ESL K-12

16 credits
(2 semesters)

This certificate program prepares students to work as paraeducators or go on to earn licensure to teach in an elementary or high school classroom. This program also is appropriate for teachers with a bachelor degree who would like to improve their skills teaching English as a Second Language.

Teaching English as a Second Language K-12 certificate: See required courses and descriptions.

Application Process

Students are strongly encouraged to contact the campus program director before enrolling to gain a clear understanding of the program and whether it meets their needs. Students must first complete an application. Students can attend an informational meeting (held once per semester). Contact Kathy Gamble for details.


FRCC’s TESL program is very hands on and offers students the opportunity to practice in the field. Through a capstone course, students spend at least 50 hours in the classroom working with English language learners and being mentored by an ESL professional. Students work at organizations such as the Boulder Valley Family Literacy Program.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this program you will be able to:

  1. Analyze the major elements of language as a system, and articulate the relationships between the various elements (phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis).
  2. Use the knowledge and understanding of the elements of language system to explain language to non-native English speakers.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the intersection between culture, language, language learning and teaching.
  4. Apply theoretical knowledge of current language acquisition theories in second language learning contexts.
  5. Plan lessons and teach English to an ESL class by…
    • Identifying instructional strategies and teaching methods, curriculum frameworks and apply them to various language learning and teaching situations.
    • Developing ESL curriculum plans for diverse groups, design and utilize assessment instruments.
    • Evaluating your own planning and teaching.
  6. Effectively write and present for professional audiences.

Annual Salary

Jobs Entry Average Experienced
Teachers - Adult Literacy & Remedial Education $28,372

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (2018)

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* Degree with designation