Larimer Social & Behavioral Sciences Department

Our Philosophy

The mission of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is to enrich lives through the study of human behavior and the development of global awareness of the interconnectedness of the world.

Our department is focused on providing outstanding service to students in order to enhance their critical thinking abilities, develop their writing, collaboration, and technology skills, and nurture their appreciation of diversity and the richness of the world. We believe it is our responsibility to provide students with tools and experiences that will not only make them highly productive members of the workforce, but will also help them become active and well-informed members of our community. We strive to achieve these goals by offering a variety of class structures and flexible teaching formats that cater to students’ different interests and learning styles.

Academic Programs within our Department

The Associate of Arts is ideal for students who wish to major in any of the below fields of study at a four-year institution. See A.A. degree requirements. Many of the classes offered in our department will transfer to another college or university.

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