Westminster Mathematics Department

Stacey ReynoldsStacey-Reynolds

We tragically lost an amazing faculty member and colleague who touched the lives of many students and many of us at FRCC. For six years, her office has been bustling with students seeking the extra help and attention that Stacey was always so willing to give. She was a joy to be around, bringing light and happiness to everyone she worked with. In celebration of Stacey's life, her family is hosting a memorial Thursday, May 12 at 8 p.m. at the Boulder Circus Center located at 4747 26th St. Any and all are welcome. See more event details on this Facebook event page.

Our Philosophy

The Mathematics Department at the Westminster Campus strives to teach students to see the power, beauty, and utility of mathematics and to prepare our diverse student population to be productive and contributing members of their community with problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Our department’s goals include:

  • Preparing all students with the mathematical skills and concepts required for their specific programs of study.
  • Providing positive learning experiences that build skills with the appropriate use of technology.
  • Enabling students to communicate mathematically.
  • Developing students' awareness of careers in mathematics and visions of themselves using mathematics effectively in their chosen fields.

Academic Programs within our Department

The Associate of Science is ideal for students who plan to major in mathematics at a four-year institution.

Department Resources and Activities

Student Tutorials

For homework help, visit one of the following online tutorials:
Ask Dr. Math
Online math
Visual calculus

Other math links:
History of mathematics
Math archives
Math genealogy project
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