RN-to-BSN Completion Program

Demand for nurses in Colorado is on the rise and many health care employers now require their nurses to have a bachelor’s degree. Completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) helps qualify students for more (and better) jobs, including supervisory and management positions.

The RN-to-BSN Completion Program builds on a two-year nursing degree, allowing students to continue in our program to complete their BSN. Our program also accepts students who have successfully completed their first semester of a regionally accredited Associate Degree in Nursing program (ADN) and continue to be enrolled in an ADN program.

For students currently enrolled in FRCC’s ADN Program, as well as those working full time as a registered nurse, the program is flexible to allow extended time to earn a degree.
"The online format and Front Range cost was far more viable than that of any four-year university. It fit my lifestyle, budget ad family plans"


RN-to-BSN Program Mission

Our mission is to embrace diversity and provide a quality, accessible, enriching educational experience that allows the student to continue lifelong learning utilizing evidence-based practice in the profession of nursing.


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Required Courses

The RN-to-BSN Completion is a total of 120 credit hours (71.5 ADN credits and 48.5 BSN credits). For full time students who already have an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) from an accredited program and college, the RN-to-BSN Completion Program can be finished in four semesters (48.5 credits). To learn more about course requirements, please choose an option below:

If you have your ADN you've earned credits that can transfer into the RN-to-BSN program. Following are the courses and credits that will most likely transfer to FRCC.

Transcript evaluations for the BSN program will be completed during the application process.

ADN Courses Credits
ENG 121 3
PSY 235 3
HPR 108 1
GT Elective 3
Block transfer for associate degree     
TOTAL for ADN 71.5

The total credits to earn a BSN is 120. If you have your ADN and once you’ve completed the above courses, you’ll need to take these additional courses for a BSN:

BSN Courses Credits
ENG 122 3
MAT 135 3

GT Electives (History, Social science, Arts and Humanities)     

NUR 301 3
NUR 302 3
NUR 303 3
NUR 304, 305, 306, 307 (Choose two) 6
NUR 408 3
NUR 409 3.5
NUR 410 6
NUR 411 3
TOTAL for BSN 120

If you have a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing, it is likely you have completed many of the general education courses necessary for the bachelor's degree. Please check with your Pathways advisor.

See all required courses and descriptions for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

As a current student in a CCCS Registered Nursing program you will need to complete the following courses to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN):

ADN Courses Credits
These courses must be taken prior to entering the RN-to-BSN Completion Program
ENG 121 English Composition I
PSY 235 Human Growth & Development


HPR 108 Dietary Nutrition
BIO 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab
BIO 202 Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab
BIO 204 Microbiology with Lab
MAT 103 Math for Clinical Calculations
NUR 109 Fundamentals of Nursing
NUR 112 Basic Concepts of Pharmacology
If you want to be dually enrolled in the RN-to-BSN Program, you may apply at this point.    
BIO 216 Human Pathophysiology
NUR 106 Medical & Surgical Nursing Concepts
NUR 150 Maternal-Child Nursing
NUR 206 Advanced Concepts of Medical & Surgical Nursing I 
NUR 211 Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
NUR 212 Pharmacology
NUR 216 Advanced Concepts of Medical & Surgical Nursing II 
NUR 230 Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
Elective 3
TOTAL for ADN  71.5


BSN General Education Courses
ENG 122 English Composition II
MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics
GT Electives
(History, Social Science, Arts and Humanities) 
BSN Nursing Courses
NUR 301* Integration into Baccalaureate Nursing Practice   
NUR 302 Trends in Nursing Practice
NUR 303** Nursing Research/Evidence-Based Practice
NUR 304, 305, 306, 307 (Choose two) 6
NUR 408 Legal & Ethical Issues Related to Professional Nursing Practice   
NUR 409*** Leadership in the Nursing Profession
63.75 hours (41.25 lecture/22.5 practicum)
NUR 410*** Community Health Nursing Practicum
112.5 hours (67.5 lecture/45 practicum)
NUR 411*** Senior Seminar
TOTAL for BSN 120

If you have a bachelor degree in a field other than nursing, it is likely you have completed many of the general education courses necessary for the bachelor degree. Please check with your Pathways advisor. 

See all required courses and descriptions for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Course Format

The RN-to-BSN Completion Program is an online program with practicum coursework.

Courses are taught online and are delivered in the Desire to Learn (D2L) learning management system. Students have the opportunity to attend weekly virtual online meetings to review concepts and to foster collaborations with BSN students. For more information on online courses, visit Online Learning

Students have the opportunity to work with nursing experts during their practicum coursework.

Mandatory Orientation

Students enrolled in NUR 301 (first nursing course of the program) must attend a mandatory in-person orientation the week before the class starts.

  • For those enrolling in NUR 301 in Spring 2021, Mandatory Orientation will be held Friday, January 15, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  Instructions will be sent to students who have registered.

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The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Front Range Community College is pursuing initial accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Applying for accreditation does not guarantee that accreditation will be granted.

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