Vet Assistant Admission Requirements

First, you will need to apply to FRCC and declare your major as Veterinary Assistant Certificate. Also, you must attend an informational meeting and submit a separate application to the program. Be sure to complete the following steps:

  1. Attend Required Informational Session:
  2. The Veterinary Assistant Informational Session is currently online only.

    Watch the Session

    Please contact Kimberly Schmidt for more information.           

  3. Meet with Your HSW Pathways Advisor:
  4. Please meet with your HSW Pathways Advisor to further discuss the Veterinary Assistant program. HSW Pathways Advisors are located in the Advising and Career Center, Mount Antero building, Room 450. You can make an appointment in person or over the phone at (970) 204-8332.

  5. Complete and Submit the Veterinary Assistant Application:

Applications are only accepted online. Please note:

  • Applications are only accepted online starting March 1st of each calendar year and ending in August at the start of the fall semester. 
  • Admission into the Veterinary Assistant program is a separate step from admission to the college.
  • You MUST attach the required documentation to the application!
  • You will then be placed on the class list or waiting list for entry into the program. We will try to contact you within two weeks to let you know where you stand.

If you have any questions regarding VET Assistant information or admission into the program please contact the Program Director Kimberly Schmidt at 970-204-8670, or the Pathways Advising and Career Center at 970-204-8332.