ASL-English Interpreting Preparation Transfer Options

Changes in Requirements & Programming

In recent years, the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf began requiring a bachelor’s degree in order for prospective interpreters to sit for the national professional certification exam. Previously, interpreter training required a two-year associate degree. To meet the growing needs of the Deaf community, FRCC made the decision to sunset our well-respected, two-year Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) in May 2020.

We now focus on offering American Sign Language (ASL) foundational courses to help students who want to become interpreters prepare to transfer into a bachelor's degree program. One of FRCC's goals is to ensure that this coursework transfers smoothly to the University of Northern Colorado's ASL-English interpretation program.

This allows students to take American Sign Language courses that apply to a bachelor’s degree program while working on an associate degree.

FRCC’s AA Transfer Degree to UNC’s ASL-English Interpretation (ASLEI) Bachelor's Degree

FRCC's partnership with the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) allows students to take ASL course that apply to a bachelor's degree while working on an Associate of Arts (AA) degree.

Want to become an interpreter? After earning your AA from FRCC, you can transfer to UNC as a junior to earn your bachelor's in ASL-English Interpreting Studies (ASLEI). You'll also save money on your first two years of college by starting at FRCC.

The FRCC curriculum is fully aligned with UNC to make the transition process a smooth one. Graduates of this UNC program can go on to become entry-level sign language interpreters in community or educational settings.

If you are planning to transfer to UNC’s ASLEI Bachelor of Arts program, you are required to begin FRCC’s associate degree program with a demonstrated ASL122 (ASL 2) competency of B or better in ASL 121, or at least an 85% on the ASL screening test.


This 60-credit program can be completed in four semesters.

Course Title   Credits
ASL123American Sign Language (ASL) III
ENG 121
English Composition I
ANT 101
Cultural Anthropology
COM 115/125/220
Public Speaking/Interpersonal Communications/Intercultural Communication
Course Title   Credits
ASL 221
American Sign Language (ASL) IV: GT-AH4
ENG 122
English Composition II
MAT 120 or MAT 135
Mathematics for the Liberal Arts or Intro to Statistics
IPP 147
Deaf Culture

Any GT:SS3
Recommend PSY 101 or SOC 101
Course Title   Credits
ASL 222
American Sign Language (ASL) V: GT-AH4
ASL 244
ASL Linguistics
Any Guaranteed Transfer Science
(Recommend BIO 104 or BIO 105)
Any Guaranteed Transfer History
IPP 121
Aspects of Interpreting I (IPP Introduction to Intepreting 135 also accepted from 20/21)
Course Title   Credits

Apply to ASLEI at UNC by application deadline (60-62 credits transferring to UNC: 42-45 LAC credits met.).
ASL 223
American Sign Language VI
Any GT-SC1/2
Any Guaranteed Transfer Science GT-SC1/2
ASL 243
Discourse Analysis

General Elective (Could use ASL 121 or ASL 122)

After spring semester of Year 2 at FRCC, students will have completed their AA and will transfer to UNC for Year 1 summer semester.

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The American Sign Language or Transfer to UNC ASLEI (American Sign Language English Interpretation (Bachelor's) information session is for individuals interested in enrolling in the associate degree or transfer to UNC ASLEI. ASL Interpreting services will be provided. 



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