ASL-English Interpreting Preparation FAQs

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about our American Sign Language and Interpreting Preparation courses and transfer options.

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For students who are interested in ASL and Deaf Culture but are unsure about what major they would like to pursue in college, this general Associate of Arts (AA) degree offers a solid foundation for many fields. This AA will transfer to many four-year colleges and universities to fulfill core general education requirements as the student pursues their eventual chosen major.

Students may find that this general AA prepares them to work directly with Deaf individuals in supportive roles such as school paraprofessional, childcare provider, health and human services provider, recreation instructor, etc. Knowing American Sign Language and understanding Deaf culture allows the student to have unique supportive skills for direct communication (but not formal interpreting) in their work.

Students may now take some or all of the available ASL-related coursework. This is an expanded opportunity for students to take courses that were formerly only available for those students with the goal of becoming an interpreter.

All of FRCC’s courses with a prefix of ASL or IPP must be completed with a “B” or better in order to be accepted by UNC for entry into the ASLEI program.

No, UNC offers online opportunities as well as on-campus courses (both in-residence and as a commuter students).

Yes. Regardless of whether a student chooses online or on-campus instruction, there are three required accelerated summer terms that consist of two weeks online + a four-week residential summer session on the Greeley campus. These "hybrid" summer terms are an integral part of completing the ASLEI program at UNC.

No, you can take just the courses that are necessary to continue on to UNC's ASLEI program.

Yes, Pikes Peak Community College, a sister program of FRCC’s former Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP), is currently offering a two-year IPP in Colorado Springs.

FRCC offers excellent instruction with smaller class sizes at a reasonable cost!

Your Westminster Campus advisor can assist you in getting any former transcripts reviewed, and will give you guidance as to how to proceed as you register for courses. Specific questions can also be sent to the contacts  listed on this page. Quarterly online information meetings are also provided for those interested in learning more. Dates for those meetings are coming soon and will be listed on the ASL page.

If you need to acquire or strengthen your ASL language foundation: ASL I-IV coursework is offered on the UNC campus and ASL III and ASL IV are also offered online. The Department of ASL & Interpreting Studies also offers an ASL Minor, both on campus and online. This minor can be a bridge to entering the ASLEI program as 12 credit-hours can be used for both the minor and the major requirements. However, the time required to complete the ASLEI program would be extended beyond  four years.

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