FRCC Courses for B.S. - Biology at CU-Boulder

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This Associate of Science Degree is designed for FRCC students who want to transfer to the University of Colorado -Boulder (CU) and complete a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Molecular, Cellular or Developmental Biology. The information is based on the academic advising choices for future CU-Boulder students. To earn the Associate of Science or Arts Degree, students must complete the following course requirements for the a total of 60 semester credit hours.

Course #  Course Name Credits 
ENG 121 English Composition I
BIO 111 Biology I with Lab
GT-AH  Choose one Arts & Humanities class: LIT 201,LIT 202, PHI 114
Elective Choose one approved elective class
  TOTAL Semester Credits  14 
Course #  Course Name Credits 
ENG 122  English Compositition II 
MAT 135 Intro to Statics
GT-SS  Choose one Social Sciences class from SS1, SS2, SS3 
CHE 111  Chemistry I with Lab 
GT-HI  Choose one History class from HI1
  TOTAL Semester Credits  17 
Course #  Course Name Credits 
GT-SS  Choose one Social Sciences class from SS1, SS2, SS3  3
COM  Choose one Communications class: COM 115, COM 125, COM 220  3
CHE 112  Chemistry II with Lab   5 
PHY 111 Physics Algebra I with Lab  5
  TOTAL Semester Credits   16
Course #  Course Name Credits 
PHY 112  Algebra II with Lab
CHE 211

Organic Chemistry I with Lab

GT-AH Choose one Arts & Humanities class from AH1, AH2, AH3, AH4 3
  TOTAL Semester Credits  13