Small Business Management

Training for Small Business Managers and Owners

You'll learn how to effectively start and manage a small business.

Business Courses Include:

This 9 credit certificate program can be completed in one 15-week semester.


Entrepreneurial Operations
(3 credits) 


Small Business Management
(3 credits)
This course covers the basic concepts of marketing, management and finance needed to manage a small business. Students will develop a business plan and learn about different ways to get financing to launch the business.
Examine the elements necessary for the successful formation of a new small business, including the development of a complete small business plan. Students already involved in a small business will strengthen their skills.


Business Communication & Report Writing
(3 credits)


Principles of Marketing
(3 credits)
An introduction to the fundamentals of business communication and international communications. Learn effective business writing for covers letters, memos, reports, application letters, and resumes.

Learn about marketing strategies and processes including product development, pricing, promotion and distribution, from the business and consumer perspectives.


Managerial Finance
(3 credits)
Become knowledgeable in the concepts and techniques used to analyze financial accounting information and statements for managerial planning, decision-making and control. Students learn how to make business decisions based on budgets, forecasts, cost volume production, and Return on Investment (ROI).

Affordable Tuition

As a Colorado resident, the state will pay a portion of your tuition, making our already low tuition even more affordable. For less than $1,400, you'll be armed with the knowledge to operate or start your own small business.

Salary You Can Expect

< 1 Year in Business
10+ Years in Business
Small Business Owner
$34,392 - $75,076/year
Up to $105,757/year

PayScale survey (2010) reported on

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