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2020-2021 Instructors

Bruce Breshears

Bruce has over 20 years of professional photography and digital imaging experience including scientific, military, sports and commercial applications. He studied Fine Arts Photography at Webster University in Missouri and Electro-Optics engineering at the University of Missouri. Bruce has taught FRCC non-credit classes in Digital Photography and Digital Image Editing, ranging from basic to advanced, over the past several years. For more information about Bruce, visit his Facebook page at

Susan Dailey

Susan has been painting murals since 1977. Her work can be seen around Fort Collins and throughout the region, and has been featured on HGTV and PBS as well as various publications. Susan has a B.F.A. in Painting and M.A. in Art from Indiana University, and has taught Art in public schools, Front Range Community College, and in artist-in-residence programs throughout the country. In the summer, she teaches Plein Air Landscape painting at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. To see her work, check out her website at

Ron Fortier

Ron is an award-winning author who has been writing professionally for 45 years. With over 600 published comics, he has written comics featuring such well-known characters as Peter Pan, Popeye, Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Universe and Rambo. He is best known for his work on the Green Hornet comic series for Now Comics and writing Alex Ross’ first comic project, Terminator: Burning Earth for the same company. Learn more about Ron on his blog site,, or his review column, Pulp Fiction Reviews,

Janet Freeman

Janet Freeman is a writer with over fifteen years of experience writing for radio, newspapers, magazines, and Web-based venues. She has received several awards for her writing, including a Million Writers Award, awarded for the best fiction published on the web. Janet holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from George Mason University, and has been writer-in-residence at the Julia and David White Artists’ Colony, Dorset Colony House, and Centrum. She was an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College, and has taught numerous fiction workshops, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Melissa Gherardi

With an M.A. in teaching French from the University of North Carolina, Melissa has over 10 years of teaching experience. She believes in making learning a language fun and strives to have her students use the language in real world contexts as early as possible.

Sheryl Harrell

Sheryl has been an instructor for the Holistic Health Program at Front Range Community College since 2010, and has been in the Health and Wellness field for over 35 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences. Sheryl has taught EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other energy methods in her well-being and mentoring practice since 2005.

David Herder

David is a HWE/HPR/CPR instructor in the Allied Health department at Front Range Community College. Certified by the American Heart Association as a CPR instructor, he is an EMT/Firefighter, Registered Nurse, and licensed EMT.

Jodie Hollander

Jodie Hollander was raised in a family of classical musicians. She studied poetry in England, and her poems have appeared in journals such as The Poetry Review, The Yale Review, PN Review, The Dark Horse, The New Criterion, The Rialto, Verse Daily, The Best Australian Poems of 2011, and The Best Australian Poems of 2015. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship in South Africa, a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant in Italy, a Hawthornden Fellowship in Scotland, and attended the MacDowell Colony in 2015. Her debut publication, The Humane Society, was released with Tall-Lighthouse (London) in 2012, and her full-length collection, My Dark Horses, is published with Liverpool University Press (Pavilion Poetry). For more information about Jodie, visit

Marlene Hutchinson

Marlene, a credentialed teacher, guitar instructor, musician, and producer and founder of Marlene’s Music, developed a simple method of learning to play guitar that has influenced and inspired guitarists around the world. As seen on PBS, Marlene’s popular Learn to Play Guitar in a Day workshop is based on her signature guitar method created to help absolute beginners play quickly and easily. For more information about Marlene, visit

Alan Kee

Alan is a Building Specialist for the Larimer County Building Department. He is the instructor for the International Residential Code 2018 course for Continuing Education.

Mark Payler

Mark has a BFA in Photography from Ohio University, and has spent a lifetime in the field of photography. He spent 3 years as a Commercial Photographer in Cincinnati, and has taught photography at both the high school and college level for over 25 years. His work has been featured in books (A Day in the Life of America), magazines (Popular Photography), and exhibits throughout the world (his photography has been featured in every U.S. embassy). To see Mark’s photography, visit

Margaret Pond

Margaret has a B.A. in Business Education from Arizona State University, Tempe, and has been an Adjunct Instructor for the Front Range Community College/Larimer Campus accounting department since 2011. She has also taught business and computer courses for IBMC since 2009. Her years of experience in the business world have provided her with insight for the practical applications of the subjects she teaches.

Allison Robin

For 20 years, Allison Robin has helped blue and white-collar workers create eye-catching resumes and cover letters. She has also taught resume writing for an online vocational school. Prior to this position, Robin spent over seven years developing relationships with employers and assisting students and alumni with career development at Colorado State University. She worked collaboratively with faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate partners to develop and implement Mind Tools, a series of professional development seminars focused on resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and marketing techniques. Robin enjoys teaching people how to identify and communicate their professional skills for prospective employers.

Lynn Rose

Lynn has many years of experience as a teacher and an interpreter of American Sign Language. She holds a B.A. in Behavioral Science, M.A. degrees in Educational Psychology and Elementary Teaching, and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Interpreting.

Michael Seltsam

Michael, Front Range Community College faculty in the Integrated Technology department, is also one of the instructors for the non-credit Welding for Fun classes through Continuing Ed.

Jesse Shively

Jesse has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Biomedical Engineering Certificate from Colorado State University. In addition to many years of work in the biomedical field, Jesse has taught medical classes for IBMC in Fort Collins, as well as Science and Technology Literacy and Computer Skills for the Education and Life Training Center. Additionally, his background includes work in social media development, management, and promotion.

Jeff Slemons

Jeff has been a professional illustrator for over 25 years. After graduating from of the Colorado Institute of Art in 1986, he quickly became a sought-after illustrator for magazines and corporations nationwide. For more information about Jeff and to view some of his work, visit

Debbie Smith

Debbie, R.N., is an energetics practitioner, program leader and former nurse. Through her Levity Zen laughter classes, she helps teach laughter wellness principles that can reduce stress, increase energy, boost morale, and improve well-being. For more information about Debbie, visit

Ron Stern

Ron is a travel columnist for several news syndicates. His freelance work has been published in Mobil Travel Guides, La Jolla Today, Voyaging and many others. He is the media coordinator for the North American Travel Journalists Association. Learn more about Ron on his website at

Julie Trone

Julie, M.Ed. in Nutrition Education, Post baccalaureate in Physical Education, is a certified Yoga instructor, a specialist in wellness program development, and a physical education and wellness specialist / coach / educator. Julie has instructed yoga and meditation at Front Range Community College instructor, and has many years of experience in the instruction of Yoga, Meditation, Physical Education, and Nutrition and Wellness Education.

Steven VanDyke

Steven, Front Range Community College faculty in the Integrated Technology department, is also one of the instructors for the non-credit Welding for Fun classes through Continuing Ed.

Randy Vinton

Randy, a native of Texas, moved to Colorado after high school. He initially studied at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and received his M.A. from the University of Northern Colorado. He taught in public schools for 28 years and has been teaching at Front Range Community College for 23 years, for a combined total of 51 years. Education is his life. Randy is very passionate about teaching and working with individuals that want to learn to communicate in a different language.

Glenn York

Glenn is currently the President of the Larimer County Genealogical Society. He moved to Fort Collins in 1992 after 21 years in the Air Force, and retired in 2016 after a career in technology working in electronics, computers, and managing large computer security programs. He started doing genealogy about 1983, when stationed near Washington D.C., learning genealogy in the Library of Congress, National Archives, DAR library, and Suitland Records center. His current focus is on genetic genealogy. He manages DNA tests with all three testing companies for over 20 different family members. He completed the “DNA Boot Camp: Practical Applications” at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy in January 2017.

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