FRCC Certificates

Get to Work Fast With a Certificate From FRCC

From Accounting to Welding, FRCC offers more than 115 certificates to jump-start your career. Offered in a wide variety of fields, many of our certificates can be completed in less than a year. Some can even be completed in just one semester.

Our certificate programs can train you for immediate employment in more than 36 high-demand fields. And we continue to add new programs in emerging fields where students can get good jobs.

Certificate Listing

Below is a list of certificates offered at FRCC, many which can be completed in less than a year. As a guide:

  • 1 semester can be completed in less than 4 months
  • 2 semesters can be completed in less than 9 months
  • 3 semesters can be completed in less than 12 months*

*A three-semester certificate can be completed in one year if courses are offered in three consecutive semesters.  To find the best path to reach you goal, talk to an FRCC advisor.


Bookkeeping Certificate (2 Semesters)

Tax Preparation Certificate (2 Semesters)

Architectural Engineering & Construction Technology

Architectural Drafting Certificate (2 Semesters)

Automation & Engineering Technology

Industrial Maintenance Certificate (2 Semesters)

Industrial Automation & Robotics Certificate (2 Semesters)

Manufacturing Fundamentals Certificate  (1 Semester)

Automotive Technology

Engine Performance Certificate (2 Semesters)

Engine Repair Certificate (2 Semesters)

Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Certificate (1 Semester)

Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Certificate (2 Semesters)

Brakes Certificate (1 Semester)

General Automotive Maintenance & Repair Certificate (1 Semester)

Manual Drivetrain & Axles Certificate (1 Semester)

Suspension & Steering Certificate (1 Semester)

Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning Certificate (2 Semesters)


Retail Management Certificate (2 Semesters)

Logistics Certificate (1 Semester)

Small Business Ownership Certificate (1 Semester)

Foundations of Business Certificate (1 Semester)

Foundations of Leadership & Management Certificate (1 Semester)

International Business Basics Certificate (1 Semester)

Project Management Certificate (1 Semester)

Small Business Operations Certificate (1 Semester)

Computer-Aided Drafting & Design

3D Printing & 3D Scanning Certificate (2 Semesters)

Revit Certificate (2 Semesters)

Sketchup Certificate (2 Semesters)

Solidworks Certificate (2 Semesters)

Basic Computer-Aided Drafting Certificate (1 Semester)

Computer Information Systems

Web Developer Certificate (2 Semesters)

Programming Certificate (2 Semesters)

Database Certificate (1 Semester)

Applications Specialist Certificate (1 Semester)

Construction Trades*

Construction Fundamentals Certificate (1 Semester)

Electrical Fundamentals Certificate (1 Semester)

Plumbing Fundamentals Certificate (1 Semester)

Construction Essentials Certificate* (1 Semester)
*Offered only with our partnering high schools. Program is not offered on campus or online.

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Peace Officers Standards & Training Certificate (1 Semester)

Public Safety Dispatch Certificate (2 Semesters)

Cybersecurity - Networking & Virtualization

Windows Server Administration Certificate (3 Semesters)

Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate (2 Semesters)

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Certificate (2 Semesters)

Network Infrastructure Certificate (2 Semesters)

Network Technician Certificate (2 Semesters)

Linux Server Administration Certificate (3 Semesters)

Networking Basics Certificate (1 Semester)

Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting Certificate (2 Semesters)

Early Childhood Teacher Education

Early Childhood Director Certificate (2 Semesters)

Early Childhood Education for Paraeducators Certificate (2 Semesters)

Early Childhood Teacher Certificate (1 Semester)

Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Certificate (1 Semester)

Electronics Engineering Technology

Basic Electronics Certificate (2 Semesters)

Electronic Systems & Automation Certificate (2 Semesters)

Electronics Assembly Certificate (1 Semester)

Emergency Medical Technician

Clinical EMT Certificate (2 Semesters)

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (1 Semester)

Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources

Natural Resources Certificate (1 Semester)

Natural Resources Geographic Information Systems Certificate (2 Semesters)

Natural Resources Recreation Certificate (1 Semester)

Environmental Education Certificate (1 Semester)

Forestry Certificate (1 Semester)

Wildland Fire Certificate (1 Semester)

Wildlife Certificate (1 Semester)

Geospatial Science

Geographic Information Systems Certificate (3 Semesters)

Foundations of Geographic Information Systems Certificate (2 Semesters)

Health Information Technology

Medical Coding Certificate (2 Semesters)

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration

Residential Air Conditioning and Heating Certificate (3 Semesters)

Light Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Certificate (3 Semesters)

Commercial Refrigeration Certificate (2 Semesters)

HVAC/R Fundamentals Certificate (1 Semester)

Horticulture & Landscape Technologies

Floral Design Certificate (1 Semester)

Horticulture Certificate (2 Semesters)

Landscape Design Certificate (3 Semesters)

Landscape Contracting Technician (2 Semesters)

Landscape Maintenance Technician Certificate (2 Semesters)

Greenhouse and Nursery Management Certificate  (2 Semesters)

Irrigation Technician Certificate (1 Semester)

Integrative Health & Massage Therapy

Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate (2 Semesters)

Reflexology Certificate (2 Semesters)

Massage Therapy Certificate (3 Semesters)

Aromatherapy Certificate (2 Semesters)

Integrative Health Professions Certificate (1 Semester)

Yoga Teacher Certificate (1 Semester)

Interior Architecture & Design

Kitchen & Bath Design Certificate (3 Semesters)

Fundamentals in Interior Design, Drafting & Communication Certificate  (1 Semester)

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Certificate (2 Semesters)

Medical Office Administrative Assistant (1 Semester)

Multimedia Technology

Digital Animation Certificate (2 Semesters)

Digital Imaging Certificate (2 Semesters)

Graphic Design Certificate (2 Semesters)

Multimedia Certificate (2 Semesters)

Video Production & Editing Certificate (2 Semesters)

Web Design Certificate (2 Semesters)

Fundamentals in Multimedia Technology Certificate (1 Semester)

Music & Recording Arts Technology

Recording Arts Technology Certificate (2 Semesters)

Foundations of Recording Arts Technology Certificate (2 Semesters)


Practical Nursing Certificate (3 Semesters)

Nurse Aide

Nurse Aide Certificate (1 Semester)

Optics Technology

Optics Technology Certificate (2 Semesters)

Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Paralegal/Legal Assistant Certificate (2 Semesters)

Foundations of Paralegal/Legal Assistant Certificate (1 Semester)

Advanced Pharmacy Technician Training

Advanced Pharmacy Technician Training Certificate (2 Semesters)


Phlebotomy Certificate (1 Semester)

Precision Machining Technology

Precision Machining Technology Certificate 3 Semesters)

CNC Machining Certificate (2 Semesters)

Manual Machining Certificate (1 Semester)

Sterile Processing Technology

Sterile Processing Certificate (1 Semester)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Abroad Certificate (2 Semesters)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - K-12 Certificate (2 Semesters)

Veterinary Technology

Veterinary Assistant Certificate (2 Semesters)

Welding Technology

Pipe Welding Certificate (3 Semesters)

Comprehensive Welding Certificate (2 Semesters)

Metal Fabrication Certificate (2 Semesters)

Creative Metalworking Certificate (2 Semesters)

Shielded Metal Arc Welding Certificate (2 Semesters)

Gas Metal Arc (MIG) Welding Certificate (1 Semester)

Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) Welding Certificate (1 Semester)

Oxyacetylene Welding Certificate (1 Semester)

Welding Fundamentals Certificate (1 Semester)

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