Boulder ESL FAQs

Learn more about the ESL Program at the Boulder County Campus with these Frequently Asked Questions.

  • The purpose of the Information Meeting is to provide an overview of the Pathways for Bilingual Graduates program.
  • The Orientation will take place during the first week of class and includes a tour the campus to help students identify the location of available resources (Library, Advising, Computer Lab, Clubs Room, classrooms, etc.) and also to answer additional questions.  

  • Students beginning the ESL program take the ESL Accuplacer.  This will help instructors set language goals and help students create individual study plans.
  • Students will take the ESL Accuplacer at the end of their program to evaluate progress.
  • Students wishing to take credits classes at FRCC take the Standard English Accuplacer test to evaluate their readiness to take college level classes.

  • Because the program is non-credit, you will need to meet with an advisor to register for classes. 
  • After you have taken the ESL Accuplacer, you are ready to meet with an advisor. 
  • John Finney is the advisor for ESL students.  Contact John at 303.678.3921 or email

  • Payment for Modules is due upon registration.
  • For information about setting up a payment plan, please talk with someone at the Cashier’s Desk.

Yes.  Examples are provided at the ESL Information meeting. All Modules include practical reading, writing, listening, speaking and technology. If you have additional questions, make an appointment with Kathy Gamble to talk about this in more detail.
  • As a part of each Module, students will complete a pre-assessment/pre-planning activity.  Students will work with an instructor to set personalized language goals and content goals for each Module.
  • Each Module includes several collaborative and individual projects with specific goals and objectives.  An example is provided at the ESL Information meeting. If you have additional questions, or want to see more details, please make an appointment with Kathy Gamble.  I would be happy to share more examples with you.

  • The Collaboratory is a learning lab that supports the Module curriculum.  The purpose is to provide students an opportunity to work in small groups or with a tutor on projects, technology and assignments.  There is no curriculum for the Collaboratory and it is not required.
  • Conversation groups, conversation partners, book groups, tutoring, technology assistance, D2L help and other activities will be available during this time.
  • After you register for the Collaboratory, you may attend as many days as you wish, but you must be enrolled in at least one Module to attend the Collaboratory.

  • Each Module includes personalized content and skill development based on the needs and goals of each student.  Each Module includes reading, writing, listening, speaking and technology.
  • We will be using online resources, the FRCC Library and instructors will provide materials and handout for students.  As part of the Collaboratory we will make available to students a library of ESL books and materials.

  • As a part of the Module, students will complete the scholarship application.
  • Upon completion of the Modules, students will receive a scholarship toward credit classes at FRCC.
  • Students will complete a Certificate of Completion after each Module.
  • Students will also prepare an individualized portfolio that will include examples of relevant, job and career related work to demonstrate English proficiency and increased knowledge of job skills.