Honors Courses

Larimer Campus Honors Course List

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Prefix Course Title Instructor
ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology Mobley-Tanaka, Jeannie
ANT 107 Introduction to Archaeology Mobley-Tanaka, Jeannie
ART 112 Art History to 1900 Beal, Peter
AST 101 Astronomy I Smith, Mike
AST 102 Astronomy II Smith, Mike
BIO 216 Pathophysiology Christensen, Don
CHE 101 Introduction to General Chemistry I Malara, Katie
CHE 111 General College Chemistry I Malara, Katie
CHE 112 General College Chemistry II Malara, Katie
COM 115 Public Speaking Delgadillo, Erica
COM 125 Interpersonal Communication Delgadillo, Erica
CUA 145 Breads and Pastry Beckley, Sheila
ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics Seid, Jaren
ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics Seid, Jaren
ECO 245 Issues of Environmental Economics Seid, Jaren
EDU 188 Elementary Practicum Butler, Alexandra
EDU 221 Introduction to Education Butler, Alexandra
EDU 261 Teaching and Learning with Technology Butler, Alexandra
ENG 121 English Composition I Holly, Amy 
GEO 106 Human Geography Castellon, Mike
GEO 111 Physical Geography: Landforms Shabram, Patrick
GEO 112 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate Shabram, Patrick
GEY 111 Physical Geology with Lab Caldwell, Andrew
HIS 101 Western Civilization: Antiquity to 1650 Long, Jeffrey
HIS 102 Western Civilization: 1500 - present Long, Jeffrey
HIS 111 The World: Antiquity - 1500 Long, Jeffrey
HIS 205 Women in the World Waddell, Judy
HIS 207 American Environmental History Long, Jeffrey
HIS 218 History of Science and Technology Long, Jeffrey
HIS 225 Colorado History Newman, Jennifer
HIS 121 American History to 1865 Waddell, Judy
HIS 247 20th century World History Waddell, Judy
HIS 122 American History 1865 - present Waddell, Judy
HIS 208 American Indian History Waddell, Judy
HPR 108 Dietary Nutrition Ledder, Dru
HUM 122 Humanities: Medieval to Modern Beal, Peter
HPR 108 Dietary Nutrition Ledder, Dru
HWE 100 Basic Nutrition Ledder, Dru
IND 200 Kitchen and Bath Design Vincent, Nowell
MAT 121 College Algebra Thompson, Chera
MGD 114 Adobe InDesign Adams, Maggie
MGD 111 Photoshop I Adams, Maggie
MGD 116 Typography I Adams, Maggie
MGD 117 Intro to Visual Communications Adams, Maggie
MGD 133 Graphic Design I Adams, Maggie
MGD 202 Point of Purchase Packaging Design Adams, Maggie
MGD 203 Design and Concept Adams, Maggie
MGD 211 Adobe Photoshop II Adams, Maggie
MGD 212 Adobe Illustrator II Adams, Maggie
MGD 233 Graphic Design II Adams, Maggie
MGD 268 Business for Creatives Adams, Maggie
NRE 101 Foundations of Forestry Patterson, Barb
NRE 205 Wildlife and Fisheries Management Dannahower, Heather
NRE 245 Ornithology Patterson, Barb
POS 111 American Government Borg, Jeff
PHI 111 Introduction to Philosophy Huff, Alyson
PSY 101 General Psychology I Mandley, John
PSY 102 General Psychology II Mandley, John
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology Amundson, Kalynn
SOC 237 Sociology of Death and Dying Amundson, Kalynn
VET 206 Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology II Lombard, Gwen
VET 242 Veterinary Critical Care Lombard, Gwen
VET 240 Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Lombard, Gwen