Online Learning Team

FRCC is unique in that we have a student affairs team completely dedicated online students and their success. Meet the team!

Jessa Anderson

Assistant Director of Outreach & Student EngagementJessa Anderson

  • B.A. Communication Studies, Colorado State University

I serve online students because I believe that higher education should be accessible to anyone—I love running Online Orientation and the Online Student Union so that our online students can have all the same opportunities as campus-based students, and be a part of the FRCC family no matter where they are located.


Kathleen (Katie) Duran

Enrollment AdvisorKatie Duran

  • A.A. Communication Studies, Front Range Community College

As a person who has been an online student for the majority of my academic career, I know the value of taking online classes and the flexibility that it provides. I am passionate about higher education and love that I am able to support students in discovering more about themselves and navigating their college experience through Online Learning. Front Range Community College has greatly contributed to my personal and professional growth and I am excited that I can be a part of the safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment that we have at FRCC!

Leticia Encarnacion

Mental Health Case ManagerLeticia Encarnacion

  • B.S. Clinical Psychology, University of Central Florida
  • Current Master’s in Counseling student, University Northern Colorado

I serve online students because of its flexibility. For me, online learning not only allowed for me to go to school and work but taught me about time management and amplified the self-motivation within myself.


Angelica Franco

Pathways Advisor (Pre-nursing & BSN)Angelica Franco

  • A.A. Pueblo Community College
  • B.A. Chicano Studies, Metropolitan State University of Denver

“Online student” translates to me as a person who is driven to not allow obstacles, hardships, distance or any number of other situations stop them from pursuing their educational goals. I just want to be someone who helps that person! I’m a non-traditional, first generation, Chicana graduate and I can only say that because I had individuals who gave me support, guidance and motivation throughout my educational pursuit. It made all the difference for me and I’d like the opportunity to try do the same for online students.

Susana Gallegos

Bilingual Pathways Advisor (Business & Information Technology)Susana Gallegos

  • B.A. Human Development & Family Studies, Colorado State University

I was born and raised in Mexico. My family and I moved to the States when I was 16 years old. High school was very challenging for me because I was in a school where there were almost no Latinos and it was a big language and culture barrier. Thanks to one of my teacher's support I was able to graduate high school.

I moved to Colorado right after graduation and have been here ever since. I knew I wanted to go to college, but I was not sure how to start or where to go. My sister-in-law told me to go to FRCC and ask for information about how to start. I went to the Boulder County Campus in Longmont where I learned what out-of-state tuition was and how expensive it is. I waited for about three years to become an in-state student and worked to save money to go back to school. After becoming in-state, I enrolled at FRCC.

My journey at FRCC was longer than I planned, but I was able to apply and be accepted to Colorado State University-Fort Collins. After changing my major four times, I found the career that I love and I am passionate about it. Now I am back where everything started and I am excited to share my journey with others. To let students and families know that even when they think they can't reach their goals or there are setbacks in their life, I am here to support them.

Chico Garcia

Dean of Student AffairsChico Garcia

  • B.A. Exercise Science, Fort Lewis College
  • M.Ed. Institutional Performance and Change, Colorado State University

I have a passion to serve online students, because I see and understand their unique challenges. I love to advocate for students and especially those who can use more advocating. My focus is that each and every student can accomplish their educational goals and go on to make our communities a better place.


Jane Hollestelle

Lead Enrollment AdvisorJane Hollestelle

  • B.A. English Literature, CU-Boulder
  • M.A. English Literature, CU-Boulder

Online coursework is a way for community colleges to provide options people need to juggle work, college and family life. Community colleges provide education and training when and where students are, which is only one of many, many reasons why they’re one of our country’s greatest resources. I’m very happy to be on our online enrollment advising team.

Rebecca (Becca) Hubbard

Assistant Director of Advising & RetentionRebecca Hubbard

  • B.S. Psychology, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
  • M.A. Counseling Psychology, Clinical Mental Health, University of Denver

I absolutely love advising and supporting our FRCC Online students! Y’all have such amazing, big dreams, and it’s very rewarding for me to play a part in helping students achieve their ambitions in life. I strive to create warm, safe spaces in Online Advising for our students and staff to feel comfortable being our authentic selves and to build strong connections with each other, no matter if we’re near or far. Whether you’re a busy parent, a veteran or actively serving in the military, a pro athlete, a professional in the middle of a career change, a student living far away from our physical campuses, or have something else going on that makes FRCC Online a great fit for you, I’m happy to be your advisor and help make your time at FRCC an enjoyable learning experience.


Carole McGregor

Pathways Advisor (Business & Information Technology)Carole McGregor

  • B.A. Speech Communication, Cal Poly
  • M.A. Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership, University of Northern Colorado

I love serving the online community because it serves such a diverse group – full-time workers, at-home parents; folks that have other roles other than “student”. I like that Online Learning offers a unique and flexible way to achieve goals.


Emily Musumecci

Pathways Advisor (Math & Science) Emily Musumecci

  • B.A. Sociology, B.A. Visual Communication Design, University of Northern Colorado
  • Current Master’s in Higher Education student, CU Boulder

As someone who has benefited from online learning, I am interested in assisting students use online learning to its full potential. I also strive to help students have an excellent college experience all around.


Laura Roecker

Director of Pathways AdvisingLaura Roecker

  • B.A. Sociology: Social Justice, University of Northern Colorado
  • M.A. Leadership in Student Affairs in Higher Education, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

I love serving online students because I was one! As a first-generation, non-traditional college student, I really struggled taking traditional campus-based classes. I had a work schedule that made it difficult for me to attend classes at certain times, and when I could attend I was so tired from working late that I was not engaged with the material. Once I discovered online and hybrid coursework it gave me the flexibility I needed to continue to work and maintain other obligations while working towards my degrees. I am so happy to be able to support students like me who have busy lives and need the flexibility our online classes provide.


Erin Trujillo

Program AssistantErin Trujillo

  • AAS in Advertising, St. Cloud Technical and Community College

My “why”: To support and encourage students to be successful in their education so they have the necessary tools to make a difference in their lives and impact their community.