Manufacturing Apprenticeship Programs


Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Get paid while you learn the skills needed to be successful in manufacturing. You'll be able to work with your hands, tap into your creativity and learn an exciting trade—all while forging a solid career path.

Combining real-world work experience with classroom training, our apprentices spend 90% of their time on the job, being taught and mentored by experienced Journeymen. The remaining 10% consists of classroom learning, where you can build the foundational knowledge needed for your career. 

With FRCC Manufacturing Apprenticeships, you can:

  • Choose from job sites located throughout Colorado's Front Range
  • Work for small- and medium-sized private businesses
  • Receive a portable, nationally-recognized credential, which shows employers that you are fully qualified for the job
  • Attend classroom training at Front Range Community College in Longmont or Fort Collins

Getting Started

To become an apprentice, you must be hired by the company first and then attend training on site or at Front Range Community College. Apprentices gain skills working one-on-one with a skilled professional on the job and will receive promotions/pay increases as skills progress!

Check out our current apprenticeship industry partners:

  • Pilatus (Broomfield)
  • More coming soon!

Manufacturing Programs at FRCC