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Find answers to your questions about the Continuing Education program at the Larimer Campus.

How do I register for a continuing education class?

There are two easy ways to register

  • Online (for online and in-person classes):

    Open the registration link listed for the class and follow instructions.

  • Email Continuing Education (for in-person Larimer Campus classes only):

    Email Continuing Education and we will follow up with registration and payment instructions.

Where can I find the current class schedule?

Search the Continuing Education page to find the class subject or category of interest.

How do I register for motorcycle safety classes?

Our motorcycle safety classes are held year round, weather permitting, at the FRCC Larimer Campus.

  • Classes are taught by ABATE of Colorado.

  • You must register directly through ABATE for these classes, by phone at 303-789-3264, or online at www.abateofcolo.org.

Can I use my financial aid to pay for continuing education classes?

No, financial aid cannot be applied toward the non-credit classes provided by FRCC's Continuing Education program.

What happens if my class is canceled?

If we don't receive the minimum number of students needed to cover expenses for a class, it may be canceled. The decision to cancel a class is usually made at least two days before the class start date. All students are notified by continuing education staff via phone, email or both, and refunds are issued. (See refund process below).

What is your refund policy?

For refunds for in-person Larimer Campus classes, please call 970-204-8686 or email Continuing Education to notify our office at least two full business days (48 hours) prior to the start of the class. Exceptions, evaluated on an individual basis, can sometimes be made for emergencies.

For refunds for online classes, refer to the refund policies for your online course provider.

Regardless of the original method of payment, all tuition refunds for continuing education classes are issued in the form of a check mailed to the student or sponsor by the FRCC Cashier. The refund check should arrive in your mail within two to three weeks.

I'm hoping to take a non-credit continuing education class to apply toward the renewal of my teacher certification. Do you offer CEUs (Continuing Education Units)?

Yes, we are glad to provide documentation that verifies the number of CEUs you have earned by completing a continuing education course. One CEU can be earned for every 10 hours of instruction. Upon request, we will indicate your CEUs on the course completion certificate that you receive at the end of the course. If you take one of our online courses through Ed2Go, they can also issue CEUs upon request. If necessary, we can also provide a verification letter for you.

What is the difference between a credit class and a non-credit class?


A credit class is one for which you receive college credits upon successful completion. These credits are recorded as part of your college transcript, and they are often transferrable to 4-year Colorado colleges or universities. If you are working toward a certificate or degree at FRCC, you will need credit classes.

A non-credit class is usually taken for personal or professional interest, where there is no need for academic credit. Non-credit classes do not become part of a student's academic transcript. That said, FRCC's Continuing Education program can provide evidence of completion of a non-credit course, usually in the form of a certificate signed by the instructor.

What exactly is Continuing Education at Front Range Community College?

The Continuing Education program at Front Range Community College is a non-profit, self-supporting auxiliary of the college. We provide affordable, non-credit classes for the community at the FRCC Larimer Campus in Fort Collins as well as online classes.

Courses are offered in a wide range of interest areas, including computer applications, graphics applications, web design, professional development, accounting, business applications, foreign languages, construction codes, personal enrichment, hobbies, motorcycle safety, English as a second language and much more.

Check out our current schedule or take a look at our online courses.

I want to continue my education by attending Front Range Community College. Is continuing education where I should start?

It all depends upon your goals, and the courses that will be required to meet those goals. If you need college credits, or if you need credit classes in order to pursue a two-year degree or certificate, you should contact an FRCC advisor and follow the registration process for credit classes.

If you don't need college credits, and you are seeking short non-credit classes, continuing education might offer the classes you want.

If the current semester has already started, is it too late for me to sign up for a continuing education class?

Not at all! Our continuing education classes have different start dates throughout the semester, and enrollment is usually open until at least the week before the start date of the class.

Can I just show up and pay the instructor when I come to class?

No, we are not able to accommodate walk-in registrations. Pre-registration is required for all continuing education classes. Since we are a non-profit organization, the tuition money we receive from our students is used to meet all of our expenses. We must know ahead of time if we are going to have the minimum number of students in a class to be able to cover expenses, and how many materials we will need to provide for the class.

If I have questions about a class before I register, who should I contact?

Contact the Continuing Education Office:

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm
(970) 204-8686 | Email Continuing Education

Our instructors are also happy to provide additional information regarding their classes. If you provide your contact information to us, we will pass your question on to the appropriate instructor, who will either contact you directly, or provide answers for our staff to pass on to you.

I forgot all about my continuing education class and didn't attend. Can I get my money back?

We are unable to refund your money unless you drop the class at least 48 hours prior to the start date. However, you may stop by our office and pick up the books or materials if they were included in the cost of the class.

If the same class is being offered the following semester, and there is room in the class after we have received all of the paid registrations, we can sometimes allow you to attend that class.

I see that another organization is offering a similar course for a cost that is less than yours. Why is yours more?

When comparing class costs, read the class description carefully to see what is provided to the students. How long is the course? Are materials or textbooks provided? If it's a computer course, is it hands-on in a computer lab or simply an overview class in lecture format? Cost structures vary from course to course, affected by numerous factors.

Do you offer plumbing code classes?

We don't currently offer plumbing code classes at the Larimer Campus. However, our sister school Red Rocks Community College (part of the Colorado Community College System) does offer these classes. You may visit their website at www.rrcc.edu for more information.