Honors Seminar

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Honors Capstone Project

The Honors Capstone is required to complete the Honors Program. The course may be taken at any point after your acceptance into the program—it does not have to be at the end.

  • Taken as a 2-credit Independent Study course, approximately 30 hours of challenging work.
  • Student chooses an honors faculty member in their preferred field of study to facilitate.
  • Student and faculty member work together to develop objectives, assignments and assessment criteria.
  • Student completes research project that requires input from both the faculty for the course and an additional faculty facilitator from another academic discipline.
  • Student will present project publicly OR submit for publication.

How to Enroll

To enroll in the Honors Capstone, you must be an accepted Honors Program student.

  • If you have not yet completed a program application, this is your first step to enrollment into the Honors Capstone.
  • Completed applications will automatically be submitted to LCHonors@frontrange.edu upon completion.
  • If you are already an accepted Honors Program student, please email the director to request enrollment in the Honors Seminar.
  • You cannot self-enroll for this course using the online registration system. 

Learning Objectives

In this course students can be expected to:

  • Demonstrate college-level research skills and critical thinking in their discipline.
  • Produce advanced college-level writing or other artifacts that demonstrate mastery of the skills in their discipline.
  • Satisfy any requirements agreed upon as part of the independent study course.


Feel free to reach out to our team.

Jeffrey (Mike) Long

Honors Program Director