Registered Nursing Admissions at Larimer Campus

The Fall 2024 application period will be open from March 18- 22, 2024

Before You Begin

  • The RN program has a competitive admission process. Each application is ranked and the top 45 students are granted admission into the program each fall and spring semester. If two applicants tie, their applications are ranked in the order they were received. The number of admitted students may be reduced due to limitations in clinical experiences.
  • Immunizations, an AHA BLS Provider card, drug screen, and a background check will be required once admission to the program is offered.
  • Watch the Registered Nursing Admissions Video. This video outlines steps to apply to the Larimer Campus RN program. 
  • The online application is available below (Step 6-Apply to the Larimer Campus Registered Nursing Program)

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Apply to Become a Student at FRCC

Apply to become a student at FRCC. Choose AA in Health Sciences as your major.

Tip: You will also need to apply to the Larimer campus Registered Nursing program (step 6). Students are admitted into the program each fall and spring.

Step 2: Meet with Advisors

We recommend all students meet with a Larimer Campus Health Science & Wellness academic advisor and a financial aid advisor (optional).

Step 3: Complete Prerequisites

Complete the following prerequisite coursework with a letter grade of C or higher:

  • ENG 1021 (ENG 121) English Composition I. If you’ve completed a higher-level ENG class, speak with your Academic Advisor.
  • PSY 2440 (PSY 235) Human Growth and Development
  • HPR 1010 (HPR 108) Dietary Nutrition - or - HWE 1050 (HWE 100) Human Nutrition
  • BIO 2101 (BIO 201) Human Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits with lab)
  • BIO 2104 (BIO 204) Microbiology (4 credits with lab)
  • Optional: BIO 2102 (BIO 202) Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits with lab). However, applicants receive two additional points on application if a grade of “C” or better is earned prior to applying.


  • If prerequisites are repeated, no more than one D or F in each course is allowed in the previous 5 years.
  • All required science courses must be completed within 10 years of entry into the RN program. We will only look at the first two attempts of science courses within those 10 years and will take the higher grade.
  • It is strongly recommended that students complete BIO 2102 and BIO 2116 prior to starting nursing classes.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for ENG 1021, PSY 2440, BIO 2101, and BIO 2104 (HPR 1010 or HWE 1050 and BIO 2102 are excluded from the calculation).
  • Prerequisites may not be in progress at the time of applying.

Step 4: Transfer Credit to FRCC (Optional)

Credit must be transferred to FRCC prior to submitting an application to the RN program.

  • If any prerequisite coursework was taken outside of the FRCC system, you must have your transcripts officially evaluated through the FRCC Office of the Registrar. All prerequisites must be transferred to your FRCC transcript before applying.
  • The transfer credit evaluation can take up to 30 days once all documentation is received. Learn more about the transfer process.

Step 5: Take the HESI A-2 Exam

  • Complete the HESI A-2 Entrance Exam with a minimum average score of 80% in the following required subjects: Reading Comprehension, Biology, Chemistry, and Math.  

  • The HESI A-2 may be taken twice in 365 days.  

  • Reports can be used for up to 15 months.  

  • Exam offered at FRCC Testing Centers and Proctor U. 

Step 6: Apply to the Larimer Campus Registered Nursing Program

Applicants must upload electronic copies of the following documentation with their application: 

  1. Unofficial FRCC Transcript (no other transcripts will be accepted)

    • Prerequisites may not be in progress at the time of applying  
  1. HESI Admission Assessment Exam Report  

    • The HESI A-2 may be taken twice in 365 days.  
    • Reports can be used for up to 15 months. 

Retain a copy of all documentation for your records. You will be notified of your placement status via the email(s) used when applying no later than 30 days after the application deadline.  

Incomplete applications will not be processed, nor will the Nursing Department accept any additional materials after the posted deadline. 



Feel free to reach out to our team.




Department Chair/Registered Nursing Program Director

Megan Walker, MSN, RN