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Online Learning Services

Online Learning offers a variety of services to assist students in their courses, including one-on-one writing and math help, in real-time or on your time.

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  • Introduction to Online Learning

    We encourage all students to reference the Introduction to Online Learning, located in MyCourses. The Introduction to Online Learning tutorial will show you how to navigate MyCourses and be successful in online and remote learning.

  • Online Math Success Center
    The Online Math Success Center enables all FRCC students college-wide to receive math support without having to come to campus. Scheduled sessions as well as drop-in sessions are available, both of which involve a live video-conference with a current FRCC math consultant.

  • Online Writing Lab (OWL)

    Need a little writing help? FRCC has an Online Writing Lab with options to sign up for a synchronous video meeting, or to submit your writing for feedback within 24-48 hours.

  • Online Tutoring Services
    Online Tutoring is available to all students enrolled in online classes. Tutoring is available from FRCC Employed Tutors and through TutorMe, a 24/7 virtual tutoring service with 300+ subjects including audio, video, screen share, and chat features. You can even upload homework assignment and worksheets. Students are allowed up to five hours a semester of free tutoring from TutorMe. Access TutorMe by logging into your course in MyCourses and select "TutorMe - Instant Online Tutoring" under Online Course Resources.

  • Supplemental Instruction
    Supplemental Instruction (SI) uses peers to assist with learning in and out of the classroom. SI Leaders are students who have previously been successful in the course. While you are taking the course, SI Leaders attend to assist in class and remain aware of the topics being covered. They lead group study sessions outside of class to review key ideas, explain difficult topics, and help prepare for exams. Research has shown that students who participate in SI are more likely to pass and to have higher GPAs than those who don't participate.

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