Rights & Responsibilities

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Student Rights

  • To have the information about their disabilities remain confidential, unless a “need to know” situation arises.
  • To participate in programs and classes for which they are qualified, with appropriate accommodations/access services.
  • To be treated equally with other students regarding grades and class participation.
  • To receive accommodations in a timely manner, upon completion of the accommodation request form each semester.

Student Responsibilities

  • To register with Disability Support Services following the established college process (complete an INTAKE appointment, ACTIVATE accommodations, and RENEW accommodations each semester).
  • To complete the online accommodation request form each semester and notify DSS of the need for accommodations. Accommodations are not retroactive and will not begin until the letter of accommodation has been delivered.
  • Students with accommodations are required to follow the Student Code of Conduct.
  • To meet course/program requirements.
  • To take responsibility for using or not using accommodations.
  • To notify DSS immediately if accommodations are not met or problems arise in class.

Faculty Rights

  • To know that a request for accommodation is current and valid.
    • A valid accommodation letter will include a current date that corresponds to the semester in which a student requests and receives access services.
    • DSS processes all requests and collects the appropriate information to validate that academic access services are warranted.
    • Accommodation letters from other institutions are not accepted as official accommodation letters.
  • To be informed enough about the student's learning needs to work effectively with them.
    • DSS will supply a letter of accommodation to the student's instructors.
    • DSS will consult with instructors on an as-needed basis regarding student learning needs. (NOTE: Accommodation letters are sent to instructors as soon as possible since the students request them throughout the semester).
  • To contact DSS to discuss alternatives to a requested accommodation if the accommodation impacts an essential element of the course.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • To work with DSS when a letter of accommodation is received.
    • The instructor reads and follows through with the academic accommodations stated in the letter of accommodation immediately upon receipt of the letter.
  • To refer a student to DSS if they approach the instructor directly with a verbal accommodation request, but does not present an official letter of accommodation.
    • Instructors are not to provide accommodations without an official accommodation letter.
    • Instructors are to send an email to DSS with the name and student S number after they refer a student to the DSS office.
  • To foster a respectful and confidential classroom environment for students with disabilities.
    • Conversations regarding a student's accommodations and learning needs are to be held in a private space.
    • Confidentiality is mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Uphold the academic standards of the course competencies for all students.
    • To communicate directly and privately with the student about their course progress.
    • Grade the student with accommodations on an equal scale with other students.