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We want to make sure you start in the best English and math courses for you.  The information below will help you choose those courses and our placement surveys will help get you started on the English and Math courses that are best suited for you.

English Placement

English Composition: ENG 1021

Technical Writing: ENG 1031

Math Placement 

Career Math: MAT 1140

Liberal Arts Math: MAT 1240

Statistics: MAT 1260

College Algebra: MAT 1340 

Additional Assessments

For certain degree or certificate programs, students may also need to take an optional Biology and/or Chemistry assessment. Find out your program's requirements.

Email an Advisor with any questions. 

Disability Accommodations

If you have a documented disability, please contact us ahead of time for reduced distractions or other reasonable accommodations. Contact disability services to learn more about accommodations.