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FRCC Is Tobacco- and Vape-Free

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For your health and the health of others, no smoking, vaping or other tobacco use is allowed anywhere on any of FRCC's campuses. FRCC recognizes that exposure to smoking and tobacco products present health and safety concerns for all students, employees, and visitors.

In addition, the college is complying with a statewide executive order that prohibits the use of tobacco and e-cigarettes “in all buildings and all grounds owned or leased” by the state of Colorado. FRCC is joined by all of Colorado's public colleges and universities—and more than 1,000 others nationwide—in this health effort.

The executive order includes property that is “owned or controlled” by FRCC, which includes parking lots.

Who does this apply to?

The executive order applies to every person on all FRCC campuses, including employees, students, contractors, vendors and visitors.

What does tobacco- and vape- free mean?

Smoking or use of any tobacco product or e-cigarette/vaping device is not permitted in any facility or on the grounds of any FRCC campus. This includes property that is “owned or controlled” by FRCC, which includes parking lots, sidewalks, and the open space. 

Tobacco products include: lighted cigarette, cigars, pipes, hookah products, any smokeless, spit or spitless, dissolvable, or inhaled tobacco products, including but not limited to dip, chew, snuff, in any form and any other nicotine or THC delivery device (such as electronic vaporizers).

Where does this apply?

Smoking, vaping or use of any tobacco product is prohibited in any facility or on the grounds of any FRCC campus or site. Colorado’s executive order applies to property that is “owned or controlled” by FRCC, including all parking lots. You are permitted to use tobacco products just off campus on any designated public sidewalk. See public sidewalks where smoking is allowed:

Is anyone required to quit using tobacco?

We do not require anyone to abstain from using tobacco off campus. The order simply means that no one can use tobacco products while on campus. If you do not wish to quit smoking, and would like to curb cravings while on FRCC property, we suggest working with a health care provider to determine alternatives that will work for you.

Why are e-cigarettes included in the Tobacco-Free Campus Directive?

Research shows that e-cigarettes are not a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. Currently, e-cigarettes are not an FDA-approved cessation device, and they can contain chemicals that can be toxic. It is difficult to determine what is in an e-cigarette—and marijuana-containing vaporizers can look similar to traditional vaporizers. Any marijuana use on campus is prohibited and against federal law because our school receives federal funding. For the health and safety of everyone who learns, visits and works on our campus, these products cannot be used on campus.

Why are there no designated smoking areas on campus?

Designated smoking areas are not allowed under the statewide executive order. FRCC works to create a healthy environment to live, work and learn. Designated smoking areas create confusion and are a compliance challenge. In fact, research shows that people rarely comply with designated smoking areas.

What does this mean for students?

The Student Code of Conduct regulates student behaviors on campus, including adherence to campus policies.Continued failure by students to comply with the directions of college officials to abide by these rules may be reported to the Dean of Student Affairs as a violation of laws, directives and signage (#12 in the FRCC Code of Conduct). Further sanctions may be imposed at the discretion of the Dean of Student Affairs.

What does this mean for employees?

Compliance with Front Range Community College rules and regulations is considered a standard part of job performance for all employees. Repeated failure to employees to abide by these rules may be addressed through information discussions between the employee and their immediate supervisor (e.g., clarifying FRCC's rules, outlining available resources, and helping the employee to develop a strategy for compliance with the tobacco free directive).

Want help quitting?

See community resources for smoking and tobacco addiction available to students and employees at:

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