Wolves to Rams NIH Paid Research Internship

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Wolves to Rams NIH Paid Research Internship

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The Wolves to Rams NIH Paid Research Internship provides training and experience in biomedical and behavioral research for 6 FRCC students per year. The program lasts for two full years, outlined below. Interns receive CSU transfer advising, research skills training, W2R community support, peer mentoring, monthly stipends, and tuition payments. In total, interns receive financial support of up to $40,000 over 24 months between FRCC and CSU.

If you are interested in science, psychology, or any STEM field, this is for you.

W2R is a National Institutes of Health-funded grant to CSU, and FRCC students can benefit. Your CSU bachelor's degree could lead to graduate school and/or a career in science or research. Having paid research experience is critical for students pursuing behavioral and biomedical fields such as psychology, biomedical engineering, health and exercise science, microbiology, medical school, pharmaceuticals, biology, neuroscience, and many other human health fields.

Who's Eligible?

Have an interest in science, psychology, or any STEM field:

  • First- and second-semester FRCC students
  • Veterans
  • Members of ethnic minority groups
  • Students eligible for Pell grants
  • First generation of your family who will graduate from college
  • Students with documented disabilities
  • High school students coming to FRCC

Services We Provide

  • Student success coach working just with students in this program
  • Workshops to develop research skills
  • An opportunity to do research at CSU
  • New FRCC courses that CSU wants you to take
  • Opportunities to network with CSU scientists and researchers
  • Visits to CSU research labs
  • Guidance and advice on the ins and outs of transferring to CSU
  • Tutoring

Ready to Apply?

Eligibility Requirements & Application Information

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This program is funded by the National Institutes of Health.


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Erin Pitts, M.S.
Assistant Director
Wolves 2 Rams (NIH & NSF)
Front Range Community College
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