For FRCC Staff

We are excited to announce our Front Range Community College (WC) Student Leadership Conference: Activating Your Leadership on Friday, September 14, 2018.  FRCC Student Affairs staff and faculty have been planning a professional conference that will introduce students to the concept and application of leadership and help them develop their leadership potential.

We’d love to have YOU involved!

There are two ways to participate, and you are welcome to do one or both.

Option 1: Present

Volunteer to present during the conference on a leadership topic you feel is essential for students to know and use. Submit a presentation proposal

Option 2: Promote

Promote the conference to all of your students and other instructors verbally and within your syllabus, consider creating an assignment related to the conference, or offering extra credit points tied to the conference.

 Assignment Ideas:

  • Have students attend the conference. Now, list two leadership workshops you attended and two key takeaways from each. How will you incorporate those takeaways into your professional identity? What steps can you take to further develop your leadership skillset?
  • Have students attend the conference. Then, write a two page paper identifying key learning objectives you gained from attending the Student Leadership Conference.  [I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS SENTENCE MEANS… Also include information from speaking with someone who knows you well and discuss with them two characteristics you have that can help make you a strong leader.] Discuss two characteristics you have that might hinder your leadership and how you can plan to develop those two areas.
  • Present the passport you received during the FRCC Student Leadership Conference with at least ### of sessions marked off to show evidence of your attendance and earn ### extra credit points.