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Training for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

FRCC’s Center for Integrated Manufacturing, located in Longmont, Colorado, is the new, state-of-the art home of our advanced manufacturing programs.

Created to meet the evolving needs of next-generation manufacturing technologies, this center provides industry-focused education and hands-on training for modern-day manufacturing workers.

From Student to a Great Manufacturing Job in One Year or Less

Our manufacturing training programs equip students with the knowledge, skills and expertise they need to start rewarding manufacturing careers. And thanks to our partnerships with employers across the state, you can easily land a job in your specialty — sometimes even before course completion.

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Advanced Manufacturing Programs at Front Range Community College

Discover the manufacturing training programs and advanced manufacturing degrees offered at our innovative, Longmont, Colorado-based Center for Integrated Manufacturing.

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Automation Engineering Tech Programs

Do you dream of working in aerospace, energy production, or robotics? Want to work for one of Colorado’s many breweries? Our Automation Engineering Technology Degree and certificate program can help you get there.

With an emphasis on hands-on discovery, our Automation & Engineering Technology training programs will arm you with the technical expertise needed to become a highly-skilled engineering technician.

Discover Automation 

Electronics Engineering Tech programs

From computers and the internet to cell phones and smart houses, electronics play a major role in our lives. Electronics technicians are needed in many high-tech industries including aerospace, medical equipment, defense, energy, and more.

Through a combination of hands-on activities and computer simulation, our Electronics Engineering Technology programs will prepare you for a variety of electronics engineering technician positions.

Explore Electronics

Precision Machining Programs

With hands-on training and an industry-approved curriculum, our Precision Machining Program will help you land a career in machining.

A career in machining is perfect for people who like to take things apart and learn how stuff works. If this sounds like you, explore our daytime and evening fast-track machining certificate programs.

Discover Machining

Optics Technology Programs

Look around you… precision optics and lasers are everywhere. You’ll find them in cameras, virtual reality systems, 3D projectors, laser scanners, microscopes, satellite systems, and telescopes. Northern Colorado is a national center for optics and photonics meaning there is plenty of demand for skilled workers.

Our Optics Technology Certificate program will help you develop the highly-specialized skills needed to become a sought-after laser, electronics, or optics technician.

Explore Optics

Get Started with an Advanced Manufacturing Career

These days, Colorado companies have more high-salaried jobs for qualified machinists and technicians than they can readily fill. This large demand for these experts, coupled with the high earning potential of many manufacturing careers, makes an advanced machining degree more valuable than ever.

An advanced manufacturing career may be right for you if:

  • You like working with your hands
  • You like fixing things and solving problems
  • You enjoy creating things
  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • You want great pay to support yourself and your family

With an advanced manufacturing degree from Front Range Community College, students can hit the ground running in their careers and fill a variety of in-demand manufacturing technician roles.

The Center for Integrated Manufacturing is located near
Front Range Community College’s Boulder County Campus.

1351 S. Sunset St.
Longmont, CO 80501
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