Facts & Figures

Get to know Front Range Community College by the numbers. Here you can check out all of our research, survey results, and other data to get a clear understanding of who we are.

Fast Facts

Learn about our students, programs and campuses, all in one place, and learn why we’re #1 in number of community college students in Colorado.

Student Outcomes

Explore enrollment trends, including totals by major and student demographics, at FRCC with this collection of detailed PDFs.

Common Data Set

Compare yearly data on male, female, full- and part-time enrollment, and degrees and certificates awarded.  

About Institutional Research

Meet our Institutional Research department—responsible for taking surveys, analyzing data, and helping us improve year after year.

FTE, Enrollments and Headcount... Explained

If you've ever been confused with the calculations of FTE, enrollments and/or headcount, watch this quick video to see it in action.

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