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Course List at Larimer Campus 


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Prefix Course-Section Title Service Learning Project
AEC 209-601 Capstone  
ART 107-601 ART Education Methods Focuses on a multimedia approach to teaching art. Emphasizes strong creative presence, philosophy and techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, and other media
BIO 105-601 Science of Biology Students remove invasive Russian olive trees from publicly owned natural and open space areas in Larimer County.
BIO 222-601 General College Ecology Include laboratory and field experiences to study the interrelationships between organisms and their environment. Covers composition and function of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, population biology, pollution and the effects of man on ecosystems.
BUS 115 Introduction to Business Introduces the application of fundamental business principles to local, national, and international forums. This course examines the relationship of economic systems, governance, regulations, and law upon business operations. It surveys the concepts of career development, business ownership, finance and accounting, economics, marketing, management, operations, human resources, regulations, and business ethics.
COM 115 Public Speaking Combines the basic theories of communication with public speech performance skills. Emphasis is on speech preparation, organization, support, audience analysis, and delivery.
HIS 207-63T American Environmental History Students gather and analyze oral histories from local community members about natural resource utilization, learning how to interview, record, and transcribe stories vital to the Front Range.
IND 200 Kitchen & Bath Design Provides the specialized design process and documentation requirements of kitchen and bath design and applies NKBA guidelines. Students become familiar with trade resources supporting the design field. At least two portfolio projects are produced. Students will be encouraged to produce project documents using a variety of computer software applications.
PSY 102-601 General Psychology II Focuses on the scientific study of behavior including cognition, language, intelligence, psychological assessment, personality, abnormal psychology, therapy, life span development and social psychology.
WST 225-601 Women & Social Action Enables students to gain an understanding of the role of the systems of oppression in society and avenues available to them to create both individual and collective change through social action. Each student becomes aware of their ability to enact change and the empowerment that process provides. We will explore issues of diversity including, but not limited to, race, class, gender, age and disability. The course emphasizes critical thinking skills and is informed by feminist pedagogy.