CLEP and DSST Exams

Earn Credits by Testing Out of Classes

CLEP (the College-Level Examination Program) and DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Test) are credit-by-examination programs that allow you to earn credit for college courses by taking and passing exams in various subject areas.

CLEP and DSST credits are accepted as part of a degree - with or without designation - at participating colleges in Colorado, including FRCC. Credit is not awarded if the student has completed equivalent coursework. We recommend talking with an advisor prior to taking CLEP or DSST exams.

Who Can Test?

FRCC is an open exam site. Any person requesting CLEP or DSST testing will be served. Students may send their scores to any institution that accepts CLEP or DSST credit.


  • Save time - Get college credit for what you have already learned.

  • Save money - The cost of the exams is significantly less than the cost of tuition.

  • Graduate on time - These exams can help you to finish sooner, if you're a few credits shy of graduating.

  • Reach your career goals - Demonstrate you have college-level knowledge in subjects relevant to your work.

  • Compete for college admission - Some colleges see passing scores for CLEPs or DSSTs as evidence of how well you will perform at the college level.      

FRCC Testing Locations and Registration

Boulder County Campus

  • CLEP—Create an account at Then, contact the Boulder County Campus Testing Center to schedule an appointment.
  • DSST—To schedule an exam or learn more, contact the Boulder County Campus Testing Center.

Larimer Campus

  • CLEP— Exams are by appointment only.
    • First, register with the FRCC testing center by completing this form.
    • Then, register with CLEP.
      • This includes paying CLEP their $80 exam fee, and choosing the college to which you want to scores to be sent.
      • PRINT the CLEP Exam Registration Ticket that CLEP provides you. You must bring that with you on the day of your test. 
    • On exam day, bring:
      • photo ID
      • CLEP Exam Registration Ticket
      • $25 proctor fee - either exact cash (no change is available), a check, or credit card
  • DSST—To register for a DSST test, please complete this form.

Westminster Campus

Exam Cost

Total cost is $105.00 per test, due at the time of the test:

  • $25.00 proctor fee per test, payable to Front Range Community College by check or cash only
  • $80.00 per test, payable to CLEP or DSST by check or credit card only

Exam Resources

Contact Us
Boulder County Campus Testing Center

(303) 678-3647 │ Email
Fax: (303) 678-3650

Contact Us
Larimer Campus Testing Center

Mount Antero Building, Room 500

(970) 204-8188 │ Email
Fax: (970) 204-8122

Contact Us
Westminster Campus Testing Center

Student Development Center, Room C0150
See map & get directions
See building map
(303) 404-5301 │ Email