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3645 West 112th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80031

Maps & Directions

Building Maps

Map of Westminster Campus - all 3 levels-overview

Finding Your Way Around the Westminster Campus

  • The building consists of 3 levels--Level C, Level B, and Level A.
  • Each level is accessible from the outside of the building.
  • The Library is located on the western end of the building, accessible by Level B, or by separate Library entrances.
  • The map for Level C is divided into two parts. Level C West includes the Student Services/Welcome Center and rooms numbered C0100-C1100. Level C East includes rooms numbered C1200-C2100.
  • The map for Level B is divided into two parts, Level B West, which consists of rooms B0100-B1199, and Level B East, which consists of rooms B1200-B1851.
  • The Library - 2nd Level includes the Academic Success Center as well as The Link, which consists of the Career Success Center, Veteran Advising, and Personal Counseling services.
  • This is a tobacco and smoke-free Campus effective April 3, 2017.