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View/print the Westminster Campus map for Level B - West (shown below).Map of Westminster Campus - Level B west

Finding Your Way Around Level B West: Rooms B0100 - B1199

  • This part of Level B has 2 entrances, entrance L3 (near the Library) in the front of the building, and entrance 9 in the rear of the building, as well as 4 emergency exits, also in the rear.
  • Entrance L3 is handicap accessible.
  • Use entrance 9 to access rooms B-0400 through B-1199 as well as the Study Rooms, Student Lounge, Computer Commons, and the High Plains Fitness Center.
  • Use entrance L3 to access rooms B-0100 through B-0353, study areas, as well as the hallway leading to the Library.
  • Restrooms located across from room B-0423, and next to room B-1154.
  • Elevators located by Entrance L3 and across from room B-0353.