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Testing is not required to be admitted to FRCC. However, before enrolling in classes you may need to take a assessment to help you enroll in the right level of classes.

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At orientation you'll get to know what it's like at FRCC, meet other students and your your Pathways Advisor, and register for your first semester classes.

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Classes were challenging but entertaining. The teachers were very easy to understand when explaining the lessons and quick to respond if I had any questions. Their websites were easy to navigate so if I missed any days I wouldn't get lost trying to c...
Shade S., Aug 15, 2017
Been at student at FRCC since 2012 at the Westminster Campus. Best experience of my life! Had no problems in 2012 and have none now!
Christi L. M., Sep 23, 2015
Shiel S., Apr 7, 2017
Once enrolled, you'll quickly see that this is friendly, welcoming environment that was recently remodeled and updated! Plenty of classes to choose from and you get about 2 weeks to drop a class with a full refund if it's not working out. You get the...
Daniel V., Oct 2, 2015
Very knowledgeable profesors!
Matthew C., Oct 12, 2016
What an outstanding institution. The staff and faculty of FRCC are truly invested in the success of every student, who are attending for any number of reasons. It was evident that they valued learning, quality of education, and the people involved, a...
Emerson H., May 15, 2017
Serena E., Aug 14, 2018
EMS Instructor Greg Russell epitomizes a highly dedicated, genuinely caring, impactful, technical, respectful, and truly inspiring educator. The relevant anecdotes and relatable analogies he developed and used enabled my understanding of the materia...
Steve K., Aug 18, 2018
Summer classes were a bit intense, due to the fact that there was a lot of material to cover in a relatively short amount of time. However, FRCC has provided excellent teachers and a professional, yet fun, environment to learn. "Quality education" wo...
Keegan V. R., Aug 25, 2018
Transferring from another college was a smooth process. A week before the fall semester started I signed up and barely got in. Had a great semester and will continue till I finish my degree. Very positive vibes coming from the staff and students at...
Gary L., Jun 4, 2016
Christina B., Aug 14, 2018
I was nervous about taking an on-line science class, but I did not need to be. The class was set up in a way that was very conducive to a positive learning experience. I would highly recommend taking this class on-line.
Carolyn R., Aug 13, 2018
I am studying for my second career. I never attended college so this is my first time! I absolutely love everything about this college. They are super helpful when you need it. There are a ton of activities that happen all throughout the year, even s...
Stephanie P., May 7, 2016
My summer class was a condensed course so we crammed a lot into a short period of of time. It was the last prerequisite I needed to enter FRCC's interpreter preparation program, so I am grateful the course was offered during the summer. Long story sh...
William F., Sep 15, 2016
I had complaints about this school till I reached the university level. This school truly puts most of its money into the school and kids. The campuses are phenomenal, the willingness to accommodate unmatched, and the platform they operate on are sub...
Zen2Motion, Feb 16, 2017
I attended FRCC on the Larimer Campus from Sping 2013 to Spring 2016. I would recommend to anyone of any age who is wanting to attend college to attend Front Range. I now have an associates degree and am attending my second semester at CSU. With a 2 ...
Andrea P., Jan 13, 2017
Summer class online was difficult, but the professor offered more than enough resources to do well in the class. He was extremely responsive to emails and discussion boards and offered actual guidance on questions relating to specific problem sets.
Jennifer K., Aug 19, 2016
This spring semester was my first one back in school in a very long time. My experience at Front Range Community College this semester was amazing! I can't wait til summer classes begin!
Baby B., May 13, 2017
Faine L., Jan 19, 2017
I love this campus! I love this school. It has been the best decision I have made. My son loves comung to campus with me for lunch, it makes him feel special. He also gets to see what college life can be like.
Jayme W. W. B., Aug 17, 2016