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Whether you’re a graduating high school senior, transferring from another college, or in the military, applying to FRCC is easy.

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Do you qualify for in-state tuition? Explore the requirements for establishing residency in Colorado. 

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Academic Placement

Testing is not required to be admitted to FRCC. However, before enrolling in classes you may need to take a assessment to help you enroll in the right level of classes.

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Required New Student Orientation

At orientation you'll get to know what it's like at FRCC, meet other students and your your Pathways Advisor, and register for your first semester classes.

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The best way to figure out if FRCC is for you is to visit one of our campuses. Join us for a tour or email us your questions today.

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Campus Safety

Want to know how safe our campuses are? Get details on crime statistics, security policies & prevention programs in our annual security report. A paper copy is also available from the Campus Security Office.

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Higher Education Opportunity Act

Consumer information FRCC is legally required to provide to students and parents.
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I was nervous about taking an on-line science class, but I did not need to be. The class was set up in a way that was very conducive to a positive learning experience. I would highly recommend taking this class on-line.
, Aug 13, 2018
, May 12, 2017
For the most part, the staff is very friendly, very helpful. The teachers vary, but for the most part they are willing to go an extra mile to help you out!
, Jan 12, 2017
Solid school that truly cares about their students and is much more affordable for the first two years compared to a university.
, Sep 12, 2016
Summer classes are tough because of the shortened semester, and having less time does not mean that less material is learned either. At first, I thought that I may have made a mistake by taking a hard course like microbiology over the summer term, b...
, Aug 18, 2016
I love the Boulder County Campus! Small class sizes and awesome professors, I'll graduate this may if I pass math lol I'm definitely going to miss it
, Feb 5, 2018
What an outstanding institution. The staff and faculty of FRCC are truly invested in the success of every student, who are attending for any number of reasons. It was evident that they valued learning, quality of education, and the people involved, a...
, May 15, 2017
Graduated from here in 2015, and have missed it ever since. It was the greatest experience of my life. Amazing teachers. So much to learn. Shout out to Mike Smith for teaching me things that still blow my mind in Astronomy 101 and 102. You're the man...
, Mar 14, 2017
Professors and staff are amazing! Definitely helpful for first gen students!
, Dec 8, 2016
Being in this school is very challenging and helps me a lot with my studies although it's hard nobody ever said it was easy
, Oct 29, 2017
, Apr 7, 2017
I've attended this school for the entire first 60 credits of my Bachelor's degree and have loved every minute of it. The teachers are mostly all great and it's a wonderful place to work as well.
, Jun 2, 2016
Once enrolled, you'll quickly see that this is friendly, welcoming environment that was recently remodeled and updated! Plenty of classes to choose from and you get about 2 weeks to drop a class with a full refund if it's not working out. You get the...
, Oct 2, 2015
, Aug 14, 2018
I went here as a student to get my associates degree before transferring onto a four year college. The majority of teachers here loved their craft and would go out of their way to help their students. You could really tell they cared and wished the...
, Jun 7, 2016
Been at student at FRCC since 2012 at the Westminster Campus. Best experience of my life! Had no problems in 2012 and have none now!
, Sep 23, 2015
, Aug 14, 2018
I am studying for my second career. I never attended college so this is my first time! I absolutely love everything about this college. They are super helpful when you need it. There are a ton of activities that happen all throughout the year, even s...
, May 7, 2016
Got my GED real easy and nice from here.
, May 7, 2017
Front Range Community College is a wonderful school with small personalized classes. The instructors all really know what they are teaching and teach very well. I highly recommend this school for getting a certificate or associates degree because it ...
, May 19, 2016